Boy Names That Start with N

List of boy names that start with N for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Naiara Of The Virgin Mary Spanish
Naif Not Available Arabic
Nam South Or Manly Vietnamese
Nansen Son Of Nancy Scandinavian
Napoleon Fierce One From Naples French
Nardo From The Name Bernard German
Naresh King Hindi
Nash Adventurer American
Nasser Triumphant Arabic
Nat Gift Of God Hebrew
Nate Gift Of God Hebrew
Nathan Gift Of God Hebrew
Nathaniel Gift Of God Hebrew
Navarro Plains Spanish
Nay Highness And Grace Arabic
Nayef Highness And Grace Arabic
Neal A Champion Celtic/Gaelic
Neil Champion Celtic/Gaelic
Nelson Son Of Neal English
Nemesio Nemesis, God Of Vengeance Spanish
Nen Ancient Waters Arabic
Nero Powerful Latin
Neron Strong Spanish
Nestor Traveller Greek
Nevan Little Saint Celtic/Gaelic
Neville New Town French
Newman New Comer English
Newton New Town English
Nibal Arrows Arabic
Nicholai Victorious People Slavic
Nicholas Victorious People Greek
Nick Victorious People Greek
Nico Victorious People Italian
Nicodemus Conqueror Of The People Greek
Nicolas Victorious People French
Nigel From The Name Nathaniel English
Nikkos Victorious People Greek
Niles Son Of Neil English
Nimrod Bowman Hebrew
Niran Eternal Thai
Nirav Quiet Hindi
Nishan Sign, Mark Armenian
Nitesh Heartbeat Of The Earth Hindi
Noah Rest, Peace Hebrew
Noam Pleasant Friend Hebrew
Nolen Well Known- High Born Celtic/Gaelic
Norm Invader Of Normandie American
Norman Invader Of Normandie French
Norton From The Town In The North English
Norwood North Woods English
Nuncio Messenger Latin
Nyack Won't Give Up African

This was the list of boy names starting with N, more names will be added soon