Boy Names That Start with O

List of boy names that start with O for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Octavio The Eighth Latin
Octavious Eighth Latin
Octavius The Eighth Greek
Odakota Friend Native American
Oded Strong Hebrew
Odysseus Full Of Wrath Greek
Ogden From The Valley Of Oaks English
Ohanzee Shadow Native American
Olaf Ancestor Scandinavian
Oleg Sacred Slavic
Oliver The olive tree Latin
Ollie From The Name Oliver Greek
Oma Commander Arabic
Omar Ultimate Devotee Arabic
On Peace Chinese
Onan Wealthy Turkish
Onofre Defender Of Peace Spanish
Onslow Hill Of The Passionate One Arabic
Oral Speaker, Word Latin
Oren A Tree Hebrew
Orestes Mountain Man Greek
Oringo He Who Likes The Hunt African
Orlando Land Of Gold Spanish
Ormand Serpent German
Ornice Cedar Tree Hebrew
Oro Gold Spanish
Orrick Venerable Oak English
Orrin River English
Orsen From The Name Orson Latin
Orsin Bear Latin
Orson A Bear Latin
Orville Golden City French
Osama Lion-Like Arabic
Osborn Bear Of God Scandinavian
Osbourne Born From A Bear Scandinavian
Oscar Accurate Spearsman Scandinavian
Osgood Goth Of The Heavens English
Osias Salvation Greek
Osman Tender Youth Arabic
Osmond Godly Protector English
Osric Divine Ruler English
Ossie God's Divine Power English
Oswald God Of The Forest English
Othello Prosperous Greek
Otieno Born At Night African
Otis One Who Hears Well Greek
Otto Wealthy German
Ovid Egg Shaped Latin
Ovidio Shepherd Spanish
Owen Born To Nobility Celtic/Gaelic
Ozzie God's Divine Power English
Ozzy God's Divine Power English

This was the list of boy names starting with O, more names will be added soon