Boy Names That Start with P

List of boy names that start with P for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Pablo Borrowed Spanish
Paco From The Name Francisco Spanish
Paddy From The Name Patrick Celtic/Gaelic
Pallaton Fighter Native American
Pancho Tuft, Plume Spanish
Paolo Small Italian
Pascal Easter Child - Lamb French
Patch Form Of Peter American
Patrick Nobleman Celtic/Gaelic
Paul Small Latin
Paulo Place Of Rest African
Paulos Form Of Paul German
Pavel Little Slavic
Paytah Fire Native American
Pedro A Rock Spanish
Peers A Rock English
Pekelo Stone Hawaiian
Pello Stone Greek
Pepin Determined German
Percival Piercing The Valley French
Percy Piercing The Valley French
Perry Rock English
Pete Rock Greek
Peter A Rock Greek
Phil Lover Of Horses Greek
Philander Lover Of Mankind Greek
Philip Lover Of Horses Greek
Phillip Lover Of Horses Greek
Phineas Loudmouth Hebrew
Phomello Succeed African
Phong Not Available Vietnamese
Phuc Blessing Vietnamese
Phuoc Blessing Vietnamese
Pierre A Rock French
Placido Calm, Quiet Italian
Plato Strong Shoulders Greek
Polo Alligator African
Ponce Fifth Spanish
Powa Wealthy Native American
Pravat History Thai
Prem Love, Affection Hindi
Prewitt Brave One French
Primo First Born Italian
Prince Royal Son Latin

This was the list of boy names starting with P, more names will be added soon