Boy Names That Start with R

List of boy names that start with R for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Raanan Fresh, New Hebrew
Race Running Competition English
Rad Advisor English
Radley Red Meadow English
Radwan Delight Hebrew
Rafael From The Name Raphael Spanish
Rafe Form Of Ralph English
Rafer Wealthy Celtic/Gaelic
Raffaello Basis For Name Raphael Italian
Rafi Exalted Arabic
Raghnall Wise And Powerful Celtic/Gaelic
Raheem Compassionate Arabic
Raimi Compassionate African
Rainer Advisor German
Ralph Wolf Counselor English
Ram Godlike Hindi
Rami Sniper Arabic
Ramiro Supreme Judge Portuguese
Ramon From The Name Raymond Spanish
Ramses Sun Born African
Rance Short For Laurence English
Randall From The Name Ralph English
Randolph Wolf With A Shield English
Randy From The Name Randolph English
Ranger Forest Protector French
Rangle Cowboy American
Rangsey Seven Colors Cambodian
Raphael God Has Healed Hebrew
Raul Wolf Counselor Spanish
Ravi Sun Hindi
Ray Wise Protector English
Raymond Wise Protection German
Read Red-Haired English
Reece Stream English
Reeves Steward English
Reginald Advisor To The King German
Regis Rules Latin
Reidar Warrior Scandinavian
Remington Town Of The Raven English
Rendor Police Officer Hungarian
Rene Reborn French
Reth King African
Reuben Behold - A Son Hebrew
Revelin Form Of Roland Celtic/Gaelic
Rex King Latin
Reynard Fox French
Reynold King's Advisor English
Rhett A Stream Welsh
Ricardo From The Name Richard Spanish
Rich Powerful, Rich Ruler English
Richard Powerful, Rich Ruler English
Rick Powerful, Rich English
Rico Strong Ruler Spanish
Rida Accept And Obey Arabic
Ringo Apple Japanese
Rio River Spanish
Riordan Royal Poet Celtic/Gaelic
Rob Bright Fame English
Robert Bright Fame English
Rocco Rest German
Rock A Rock American
Rockwell From The Rocky Spring English
Rocky From The Rocks American
Rod Land Near The Water English
Rodd From The Name Rodney English
Roddy From The Name Rodney English
Roden Red Valley English
Roderick Famous Ruler German
Rodney Land Near The Water English
Roger Fame Spear German
Rohan Sandalwood Hindi
Roho Soul African
Roland Famed Throughout The Land German
Rolf Wolf Scandinavian
Rollo Famous In The Land English
Romeo Of The Romans Latin
Romney Winding River Welsh
Ron Advisor To The King English
Ronald Advisor To The King English
Roosevelt Field Of Roses Scandinavian
Roscoe Deer Forest Scandinavian
Roshaun Shining Light African-American
Ross Peninsula Celtic/Gaelic
Roy King Celtic/Gaelic
Royce Son Of The King French
Ruben Behold - A Son Spanish
Rudolph Famous Wolf German
Rudy From The Name Rudolph German
Rufus Redhead Latin
Ruggiero Famous Warrior Italian
Rupert Bright Fame French
Russ From The Name Russell French
Russell Red Head French
Russom Head, Boss African
Ryu Dragon Japanese

This was the list of boy names starting with R, more names will be added soon