Boy Names That Start with S

List of boy names that start with S for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Saber Sword French
Saddam Crusher Arabic
Saeed Priestly Hindi
Sal From The Name Salvador Italian
Salvador Savior Spanish
Salvatore Savior Italian
Saman Shelter And Security Persian
Samson Bright As The Sun Hebrew
Samuel God's Word Hebrew
Sancho Saint Spanish
Sanders Son Of Alexander Greek
Sandro From Alexander Italian
Sanford Sandy Crossing English
Sani The Old One Native American
Sanjay Protector Hindi
Sanjiv Love, Life Hindi
Santo Holy Spanish
Santos Saint Greek
Sargent Military Man French
Satchel Bag American
Saul Borrowed Hebrew
Scot Of Scottish Origin English
Scott Of Scottish Origin English
Seamus From The Name James Celtic/Gaelic
Sebastian Venerable Latin
Sebastien Venerable Latin
Sef Yesterday Egyptian
Seoras Farmer Celtic/Gaelic
Sereno Calm, Serene Latin
Serge Servant Russian
Sergio Attendant Latin
Seth Appointed Hebrew
Severino Severe Latin
Seymour From The Village Of St. Maur French
Shadi Singer Arabic
Shakir Grateful African
Shaman Holy Man Native American
Shamus From The Name James Celtic/Gaelic
Shaquille Pretty African-American
Shaun God's Gift Celtic/Gaelic
Shaw A Grove English
Shawn From The Name John Celtic/Gaelic
Shay A Gift Celtic/Gaelic
Sheadon From Shea And Don English
Shel From The Name Sheldon English
Sheldon Town In The Valley English
Sheng Victory Chinese
Sherlock Fair Haired English
Sherman Cloth Cutter English
Sherwood From The Bright Forest English
Shilah Brother Native American
Shing To Become Chinese
Shino Stem Of Bamboo Japanese
Shlomo Peaceful Hebrew
Shubha Auspicious Hebrew
Sid From The Name Sidney English
Sidney Contraction Of St. Denys French
Silas Man Of The Forest Latin
Silko Nubian King African
Silvain Forest French
Silver The Color Silver English
Simba Lion African
Simeon He Heard Latin
Simon It Is Heard Hebrew
Sinclair A Clear Sign French
Sinjin Saint John English
Sirius Sparkling, Scorching Greek
Sivan June Hebrew
Siyamak Man With Dark Eyes Persian
Siyavash Owner Of Black Horses Persian
Skah White Native American
Skip From The Name Skipper American
Skipper Shipmaster English
Slade Child Of The Valley English
Sloan Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Slone Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Smith Artisan Or Specialty Worker English
Socorro Helper Spanish
Socrates Ancient Philosopher Greek
Sol Sun Spanish
Solomon Peaceful Hebrew
Sondo Born On Sunday African
Sonnagh A Mound Or Rampart Celtic/Gaelic
Sonny Our Son American
Soren God Of War Scandinavian
Sorena Tribal Leader Persian
Sorley Viking Scandinavian
Spence Provider English
Spike Long, Heavy Nail American
Spiro Spiral Greek
Sprague Alert, Lively German
Spyridon Round Basket Greek
Stan From The Name Stanley German
Stanislaus Camp Glory Slavic
Stanislav Glory Of The Camp Slavic
Stanislaw From The Name Stanislav Polish
Stanley Rocky Meadow German
Stash Sun's Rays American
Stavros Crowned With Wreath Greek
Stedman From The Farmstead English
Stefan From The Name Steven German
Step From The Name Steven American
Stephan Crowned One Greek
Stephen Crowned One Greek
Sterling Valuable German
Stesha Crowned One Slavic
Steve From The Name Steven Greek
Steven Crowned One Greek
Stew From The Name Stuart American
Stewart From The Name Stuart English
Stian Swift Scandinavian
Stillman Quiet, Gentle English
Stockton Town Near Tree Trunk English
Stone Stone American
Strom Stream, Flow German
Stu Keeper Of The Estate English
Stuart Keeper Of The Estate English
Studs A House American
Suelita Little Lily Spanish
Sullivan Dark-Eyed Celtic/Gaelic
Sutton The Town To The South English
Svein Youth Scandinavian
Sven Minor, Youth Scandinavian
Swain Youth German
Sylvester From The Forest, Woods English
Synclair A Clear Sign English

This was the list of boy names starting with S, more names will be added soon