Boy Names That Start with Y

List of boy names that start with Y for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Yaakov One Who Supplants Hebrew
Yadid Beloved Hebrew
Yagil Celebrate Hebrew
Yaholo One Who Yells Native American
Yahto Blue Native American
Yakov Supplanter Slavic
Yamal One Of A Twin Hindi
Yanisin Ashamed Native American
Yannis Gift Of God Hebrew
Yaphet Handsome Hebrew
Yardan King Arabic
Yaro Son African
Yaron Singing Hebrew
Yasuo Peaceful One Japanese
Yazid Increasing Arabic
Ye Light Chinese
Yehuda Praise, Exalt Hebrew
Yehudah Exalt Hebrew
Yehudi A Man From Judah, A Jew Hebrew
Yered To Come Down Hebrew
Yerodin Studious African
Yeshaya God Lends Hebrew
Yitro Plenty Hebrew
Yo Cultivating Japanese
Yonah From The Name Jonah Hebrew
Yorick Form Of George Scandinavian
York From The Yew Tree Latin
Yosef Form Of Joseph Hebrew
Yosefu From The Name Joseph Hebrew
Yoshi Quiet Japanese
Yukio Gets What He Wants Japanese
Yul Past The Horizon Chinese
Yuma Son Of The Chief Native American
Yuri From The Name Uriah Russian
Yuval Brook Hebrew
Yves Archer French
Yvon Male Form Of Yvonne French

This was the list of boy names starting with Y, more names will be added soon