Celtic Gaelic Names

Celtic Gaelic boys, girls and unisex names with meaning for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Sex
Afton From The Afton River U
Aidan Fiery U
Aideen Flame F
Aiden Fiery M
Aileen Form Of Helen - Light F
Ailis Noble, Kind F
Aine Joy, Ardent F
Airell Nobelman F
Aislin Dream F
Aisling Vision, Dream F
Aislinn A Dream F
Alan Handsome M
Alana Peaceful, Serene F
Allan Handsome M
Allen Fair, Handsome M
Allene Attractive, Peaceful F
Amergin Poet M
Angus Unique Strength M
Aoife Life F
Ardara Fort On The Hill F
Arlen Pledge M
Arlene Pledge F
Artan Little Bear M
Avalbane White Orchard F
Baird Minstrel, Poet M
Bairn Child, Born M
Banagher Pointed Hill M
Barry Marksman M
Bary Marksman M
Betha Life F
Bevan Son Of Evan M
Bidelia High One F
Blair Field Or Plain U
Bonnie Pretty Girl F
Bowen Archer M
Bowie Yellow Haired M
Boyd Blonde M
Brady Broad Shouldered U
Braeden From The Dark Valley M
Branden Little Raven M
Brandon Little Raven M
Brayden Brave U
Brazil Strife U
Breanna Strong, Virtuous, Honorable F
Breckin Freckled U
Bree Strong One F
Breena Fairy Land F
Brend Little Raven U
Brendan Little Raven M
Brendon Little Raven M
Brenna Little Raven F
Brennan Raven-Like M
Brett Briton, British U
Brian Strong One M
Briana Fortitude And Strength F
Brianna Strong One F
Brianne Strong One F
Bridget Strong F
Bridgit From The Name Bridget F
Bridie Strong F
Brigid Strong F
Broderick Brother M
Brody Brother M
Brogan Sturdy And Strong U
Bruis Mansion M
Bryan Strong One M
Bryanne Strong One F
Bryant Strong, Honorable M
Brynn Small Hill U
Buzz Village In The Woods M
Cael Victorious People M
Caelan Victorious People F
Cagney Not Available U
Cailean The Child F
Cairbre Strong Man M
Caitir Pure, Unsullied F
Caitlin Virginal Beauty F
Caitlyn Pure Beauty F
Calder Stream M
Caley Brave Warrior U
Calhoun Warrior M
Callum Dove M
Calum Dove M
Cam From The Name Cameron U
Camden From The Valley M
Cameron Bent Nose U
Camryn Bent Nose U
Caolan Form Of Helen U
Carey Pure U
Cargan Little Rock M
Carlen From Carlin-Champion U
Carlin Little Champion U
Carlow Quadruple Lake M
Carman Lord Of The Castle U
Carr Marshland M
Cary Pure U
Casey Brave U
Cassidy Clever U
Cathal Mighty Battle M
Catriona Pure F
Cavan Hollow Place U
Ceallach Little Kelly - Strife M
Ceana God Is Gracious F
Cece Blind F
Cecelia Blind F
Cecily Blind F
Chaela Who Is Like God? F
Chaeli Who Is Like God? F
Channon Clergyman - Canon U
Chay Fairy Dwelling U
Cheyne God Is Gracious U
Cian Ancient M
Ciara Black And Mysterious F
Cillian War M
Clyde Warm M
Cole From The Name Nicholas M
Colleen Irish Girl F
Collice Form Of Colleen F
Colm Dove M
Colum Dove M
Conan Wise M
Conary Wise Man U
Conlan Hero M
Conley Hero M
Conner Wise M
Connley Hero M
Connor Much Wanted M
Conor Much Wanted M
Conroy Wise Man M
Corey Hollow U
Cormac Charioteer M
Cornell From The Name Cornelius M
Cory Hollow U
Craig From The Crag M
Crevan Fox M
Cullen Handsome M
Curry A Marsh Or An Herb M
Cuyler Chapel, Shelter M
Daire Ancient Irish M
Dallas Wise U
Dallin From The Dale U
Danny From The Name Daniel M
Daray Dark U
Darby Free Man U
Darcy Dark One U
Darian From The Name Darin U
Darin Precious Present M
Darren Great M
Darrin From The Name Darren M
Darrion From The Name Darren M
Davan Feminine Form Of David U
Davina Beloved F
Declan Irish Saint M
Deidra Wanderer Alt. To Dierdre F
Deirdra Sorrowful, Wanderer F
Deirdre Sad One F
Del Short For Names Beginning With Del U
Delaine Descendent Of The Challenger U
Delaney Enemy's Child U
Delano Dark M
Derby From The Village Of Danes U
Dermot Free Man M
Derry Red-Head U
Desmond One From S. Muenster M
Devan Writer Of Poetry U
Devlin Brave; Fierce M
Dierdra Adaptation Of Dierdre F
Dierdre Broken Hearted F
Dillan Form Of Dillon M
Dillon Faithful M
Dolan Dark Haired M
Don World Leader M
Donagh Brown Warrior M
Donal World Leader M
Donald World Leader M
Donelle World Leader F
Donnan Brown M
Donnel World Leader M
Donnelly Brave, Dark Man M
Donny World Leader M
Donovan Dark Warrior M
Dooley Brown Hero M
Dorsey From The Name Dorset U
Doug From The Name Douglas M
Dougal Dark Stranger M
Douglas Flowing From The Dark River M
Douglass From The Name Douglas M
Doyle Dark Foreigner M
Druce Druid, Wise Man M
Duane Wagon Maker M
Duer Heroic M
Dugan Dark-Colored M
Duncan Dark Skinned Warrior M
Dympna Patron Saint Of The Mentally Ill F
Ea Fire M
Eadoin Blessed With Many Friends M
Eamon Wealthy Protector M
Eara From The East F
Earl Pledge, Nobleman M
Earlene Pledge F
Eavan Fair One F
Edalene Noble, King F
Edan Full Of Fire M
Edana Tiny Flame F
Eileen Light - From Helen F
Eilis Noble, Kind F
Eithne Little Fire F
Elvin Friend Of Elves M
Ena Bright And Shining F
Enan Not Available
Ennis Island U
Enya Little Fire F
Eolande Violet Flower F
Erin Ireland F
Errigal Small Church U
Errin From The Name Erin F
Ewan Young Warrior M
Fallon Of A Ruling Family F
Faolan Wolf M
Farley From The Bull Pasture U
Farrell Of Proven Courage M
Fearghus Strong Man M
Fenella Fair F
Fennella White Shoulder F
Feoras Smooth Rock M
Fergal Man Of Strength M
Fergus Manly M
Ferguson Son Of Fergus M
Ferris Iron Worker M
Fews Woods U
Fiachra Irish Saint F
Findlay Blond-Haired Soldier M
Fineen Fair Offspring F
Finlay Blond-Haired Soldier M
Finley Fair Haired One M
Finn Fair M
Finna Fair F
Finnea Wood Of The Ford F
Finola White Haired F
Fiona White, Fair F
Fionan Fair M
Fionn From Fiona F
Fionnuala Fair Shoulders F
Fionnula From The Name Fiona F
Fitzwilliam Son Of William M
Flan From Flannery U
Flann Son Of The Red-Haired Man M
Flannery Flat Land U
Flynn Heir To The Redheaded M
Forbes Prosperous M
Foy A Journey M
Fynn Form Of Finn M
Gael Gaelic, From Ireland U
Gale A Stranger M
Gallagher Eager Helper M
Gallia Wherewithall, Gall F
Galvin Sparrow M
Gannon Fair Complected M
Garran Shrubery M
Garret To Watch M
Garrett To Watch M
Garvey Peace M
Genevieve White Wave F
Genna From The Name Geneva F
Gillespie Servant Of The Bishop M
Gillian Youthful F
Gilmore Servant Of Mary M
Glen A Secluded, Woody Valley M
Glenda Holy And Good F
Glenn From The Name Glen M
Glenna Feminine Form Of Glen F
Glenys Beautiful & Holy F
Glynis A Narrow Valley F
Glynn A Clearing F
Glynnis From The Name Glynis F
Grady Of High Rank M
Grant Great M
Greer Watchful, Guardian U
Guinivere White Wave F
Guthrie War Serpent M
Hadley Heath Near The Wasteland U
Hal Chief M
Hamish He Who Removes M
Hazel The Hazel Tree F
Heremon Form Of Irving M
Herne God Of The Hunt M
Hogan Youth M
Houston Town Of Houses M
Iain God Is Gracious M
Ian God Is Gracious M
Ianna Feminine Form Of Ian F
Ide Thirst F
Ion God Is Good M
Isla Island F
Isleen Form Of Eileen F
Jamie From The Name James U
Jean God Is Gracious U
Jeanette God Is Gracious F
Jeanine God Is Gracious F
Jeanne From The Name Jane F
Kael Mighty Warrior M
Kaelin Rejoicer, Waterfall Pool U
Kail Mighty One M
Kaitlyn Pure F
Kaley Form Of Kelly U
Kane Honor, Tribute M
Kara Sweet Melody F
Karman Lord Of The Castle U
Kassidy Clever F
Kate Pure, Virginal F
Katelin Pure, Virginal F
Katelyn Pure Beauty F
Katelynn From Catherine And Lynn F
Katen Pure, Virginal F
Kathie Pure, Virginal F
Kathleen Pure, Virginal F
Kathryn Pure, Virginal F
Kathy Pure, Virginal F
Katie Pure, Virginal F
Katy Pure, Virginal F
Keagan Son Of Eagan, Fiery M
Keaira Little Dark One F
Keefe Handsome, Beloved M
Keefer Handsome, Beloved M
Keegan Son Of Eagan, Fiery M
Keelan Lean U
Keelia From The Name Keely F
Keelin Fair And Slender U
Keelty From The Woods F
Keely Beauty F
Keen Whaling In Mourning U
Keena Brave F
Keenan Little And Ancient M
Keene Wise, Learned M
Keeran Little Dark One U
Keir Black U
Keira Black Haired F
Keiran Little And Dark M
Keita Forest F
Keith Warrior Descending M
Keitha Female Warrior F
Kelby Place By The Flowing Water U
Kella Warrior F
Kellan Powerful M
Kellen Powerful U
Kelley Warrior/Defender U
Kelly Warrior/Defender U
Kellyn Powerful F
Kelsea Island Of The Ships U
Kelsey Island Of The Ships U
Kelton A Town Of Celts M
Kelvin A River Of Scotland M
Ken Handsome M
Kenadie Helmeted Chief U
Kenna Handsome F
Kennan Form Of Keene M
Kennedi Helmeted Chief U
Kennedy Chief With Helmet U
Kenneth Handsome M
Kenny Handsome M
Kenzie Light Skinned U
Kera Pure F
Kermit Free Man M
Kern Dark Haired Child U
Kerr A Marshland U
Kerri Dark And Mysterious F
Kerry Dark Princess U
Kevin Handsome, Beautiful M
Kevina From Kevin F
Kiara Small, Dark F
Kiefer Handsome, Beloved M
Kieran Little Dark One U
Kiley Good Looking F
Killian Conflict U
Kiora Little And Dark F
Kira Dark Lady F
Kirra Dark Lady F
Kristen Christ-Bearer F
Kyla Lovely F
Kylar Chapel, Shelter F
Kyle Narrow Land., Handsome M
Kylee From Kyla- Crown F
Kyleigh Narrow Land F
Kylemore Great Wood M
Kylene Little Piece Of Land F
Kyler Form Of Tyler U
Kylie Narrow Land U
Kyrene Lord, Ruler F
Lachlan From The Lake U
Laird Head Of Household M
Lakyle Half Wood U
Lana Attractive, Peaceful F
Lassie Young Girl, Maiden F
Leane Graceful Willow F
Lesley Grey Fortress F
Leslie Meadowlands U
Liam Determined Guardian M
Logan Small Cove U
Loman Bare M
Mab Happy F
Mac Son (Of) M
Macayle Form Of Michaela F
Mackenzie Son Of Kenneth U
Mae From The Name Mary F
Maegan Pearl F
Maeron Bitter U
Maeryn Bitter U
Maeve Goddess Of Song F
Magee Son Of Hugh M
Maggie Pearl F
Mahon Bear M
Maili Bitter F
Maille Form Of Molly F
Maire Bitter F
Mairead Pearl F
Mairi Gaelic For Mary, Sea Of Bitterness F
Maisie Pearl F
Makayla Who Is Like God? F
Makenna From Mckenna F
Malcolm Follower Fof St. Columbus M
Malise Black, Dark F
Mallow By The River Allo U
Marjean Coral, Gracious F
Marvene From The Name Marvin F
Maura Dark F
Maureen Dark F
Mave Happiness F
Mckale Who Is Like God? U
Mckayla Who Is Like God? F
Mckenna Son Of Ken Or Kenna U
Mckile Son Of Kile M
Meagan Pearl F
Meaghan A Pearl F
Meara Filled With Mirth F
Meg Pearl F
Megan Soft And Gentle F
Meghan Pearl F
Mel Mill Worker U
Melva Armored F
Melvina Armored Chief F
Melvyn Mill Worker M
Meriel Shining Sea F
Merv Loves The Sea M
Mervin Loves The Sea M
Mervyn From The Name Marvin M
Miach Medic M
Michaela Feminine Form Of Michael F
Minnie Bitter F
Moira Bitter F
Monahan Religious Man U
Monroe Near The River Roe U
Morag Embracing The Sun F
Morna Affection, Beloved F
Morrigan War Goddess U
Muriel From The Name Merle F
Murphy Sea Warrior U
Murron Bitter U
Myrna Beloved F
Naal Birth U
Naveen Beautiful, Pleasant U
Neal A Champion M
Neely Victor U
Neil Champion M
Nelia Champion F
Nevan Little Saint M
Nevina Saint Worshipper F
Newlyn From The Spring U
Nia Champion F
Niall Champion U
Niamh Bright U
Nolan Well Known U
Noland Well Known U
Nolen Well Known- High Born M
Norah Form Of Nora F
Noreen Light F
Nuala White Haired F
Oona One F
Oran Green U
Owen Born To Nobility M
Ownah Form Of Una F
Paddy From The Name Patrick M
Paisley Fashion Teardrop Print U
Parkin Young Peter U
Parlan From The Name Bartholomew U
Patrick Nobleman M
Pegeen From Margaret-A Pearl F
Peggy From The Name Margaret F
Peigi Pearl F
Phiala Irish Saint F
Quillan Cub U
Quin Quintuplet, Fifth U
Quinlan Very Strong U
Quinn Fifth U
Qwin Quintuplet U
Rafer Wealthy M
Rafferty Wealthy U
Raghnall Wise And Powerful M
Raisie Diminiative Of Rose F
Reagan Son Of The Small Ruler U
Regan King's Heir U
Reilly A Small Stream U
Renny Compact Strength U
Revelin Form Of Roland M
Rhona Powerful, Mighty F
Rhoswen White Rose F
Rianne From John F
Riley A Small Stream U
Riona Queenlike F
Riordan Royal Poet M
Rona Sea F
Ronan Little Seal U
Ronat Seal F
Rory Famous Ruler, Red U
Rosina Little Rose F
Ross Peninsula M
Rowan Tree With Red Berries, Mountain Ash U
Rowena Fair Haired F
Roy King M
Ryan Young Royalty U
Ryann Little Leader F
Rylee From Riley U
Rylie Valient U
Saoirse Freedom F
Saxen Swordsman U
Seamus From The Name James M
Sean God Is Gracious U
Seanna God Is Gracious F
Selia Blind F
Seoras Farmer M
Shamus From The Name James M
Shane God Is Gracious U
Shannan Ancient God U
Shannen God's Gracious Gift U
Shannon Little Wise Owl U
Shanon From The Name Shannon F
Shaun God's Gift M
Shauna Feminine Form Of Shaun F
Shaunna Feminine Form Of Shaun F
Shawn From The Name John M
Shawna Feminine Form Of Shaun F
Shay A Gift M
Shayla Her Gift F
Shaylee Fairy Princess Of The Field F
Shea Fairy Place F
Sheehan Peacemaker F
Sheena God Is Gracious F
Sheila From The Name Cecilia F
Shelagh Blind F
Sheridan Wild U
Shiela Blind F
Shields Loyal Protector U
Shoney Sea God U
Sileas Yourthful F
Sine Jane, God Is Gracious F
Sinead God Is Gracious F
Siobhan God Is Gracious F
Sissy From The Name Cecilia F
Siusan Lily F
Skyla Learned One F
Sloan Warrior M
Sloane Strong Protector U
Slone Warrior M
Sonnagh A Mound Or Rampart M
Sorcha Form Of Sarah Or Bright F
Sullivan Dark-Eyed M
Sully Dark-Eyed U
Taban Genius U
Tadhg Poet, Philosopher M
Tara Craggy Hillside F
Tarin Rocky Hill U
Tarmon Church Land M
Taryn Irish Hillside F
Teagan Attractive U
Teague A Poet M
Teranika Earth's Victory F
Terran Earth U
Tiernan Lord Of The Manor M
Tierney Noble, Lordly F
Tieve Hillside F
Torrance Form Of Terence M
Torrin From The Hills U
Tremain Town Of The Stone M
Trevet Three Mounds Of Earth M
Trevor Prudent M
Trista Sad F
Tristan Sad M
Troy Water Or Footsoldier M
Tully Calmness U
Tynan Dark U
Tyree Island Off Of Scotland U
Tyrone Land Of Owen, Young Soldier M
Ula Jewel Of The Sea F
Ulla To Fill Up F
Una Unity F
Vevay A White Wave F
Vevina Sweet Lady F
Wallace A Stranger M
Wally Short For Wallace M
Willem Contraction Of William M
Winfred Friend Of Peace M
Winifred Friend Of Peace F
Wynne Light Complexion U
Zephan Irish Saint U

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