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English boys, girls and unisex names with meaning for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Sex
Acton Oak Tree Settlement M
Adair Noble, Exalted U
Addison Son Of Adam U
Afra Female Deer F
Aiken From The Oak Trees U
Ainsley My Own Meadow F
Ainslie My Own Meadow F
Alair Cheerful/Merry M
Alastair Protector Of Mankind M
Alberta Noble, Bright F
Aldan Of Old Age M
Alden Of Old Age M
Aldis From The Old House U
Alfred Counselor M
Alicia Of Noble Birth F
Alodie Wealthy F
Alton Old Town M
Andren From The Town Of Ardres, France U
Anise Spice F
Annice From Agnes F
Annis From Agnes F
Annissa Form Of Ann F
Anson Son Of Andrew M
Archer Bowman M
Argyle Diamond Pattern M
Arwen Muse F
Ash From The Ash Tree U
Ashleigh From The Ash Tree F
Ashley From The Ash Tree U
Ashling Dream, Vision U
Ashlyn Roots: Ashley&Lyn F
Ashton Ash Tree Settlement U
Ashtyn From The Ash Tree Town F
Aster Star F
Atticus Father-Like M
Aubrianna Noble, Strong One F
Audrey Noble Strength F
Austin From The Name Augustin M
Avery Nobility U
Baby Baby U
Bailey Bailiff, Steward U
Balin Knights Of The Round Table M
Banyan The Banyan Tree M
Barclay Meadow Of The Birch Tree M
Barney From The Name Bernard M
Barr Lawyer U
Barrington Town Of Barr M
Barton Barley Farm M
Base The Short One M
Baxter A Baker M
Baylee Bailiff U
Beatrix Bringer Of Joy F
Beck The Brook M
Belisma River Goddess F
Berenice Victorious F
Berke Birch Tree M
Beverly Near The Meadow Of The Beavers F
Bevis Bowman M
Bill From The Name William M
Bin From The Name Bingham M
Bing Pet Form Of Bingham M
Bingham Town Of The Hollow M
Birch Birch Tree M
Bishop A Bishop M
Blade Knife, Sword M
Blaine The Source Of A River U
Blake Pale U
Bliss Perfect Joy F
Blithe Happy F
Blossom Flower-Like F
Blythe Happy F
Bob Bright Fame M
Bond To Bind M
Booker Book Maker M
Booth Hut M
Brad Broad Meadow M
Braden Broad M
Bradford A Broad Ford M
Bradley A Broad Lea, Meadow M
Bran From The Name Brand M
Brand Marked By Fire M
Brant From The Name Brand M
Branxton Unknown U
Brayton From Great Bitain M
Brent From High On The Hill M
Briar Shrub Or Small Tree U
Brice Son Of A Nobleman M
Brick From The Name Brice M
Brier Heather M
Brigham Covered Bridge M
Brighton From The Bright Town M
Brilane From Brigham Lane U
Brinley Burnt Meadow M
Brinly Virtuous, Princess U
Brit From The Name Britannia U
Brita From The Name Brittania F
Britain From Great Britain U
Britannia Great Britain F
Britany From Britain F
Britney From Great Britain F
Brittania From Brittain, British F
Brittany From Britain F
Brittnee From Britain F
Brittney From Britain F
Brock A Badger M
Brone Brown M
Bronson Son Of Brown M
Brook Running Stream U
Brooke Brook, Stream U
Brooklyn Brook, Stream U
Brooks Running Water M
Bryce Son Of A Nobleman U
Bryony Vine With Small Blossoms F
Burt Town Of The Fortress M
Burton Town Of The Fortress M
Byrd Like A Bird M
Byron Barn Or Cottage M
Camdyn Winding Valley U
Carlton Town Of Charles M
Carrington Town Of The Marsh U
Carson Son Of Carr M
Carter Driver Of A Cart U
Carver Wood Carver M
Cashlin Vain F
Cecil Blind M
Cedric Chief M
Chad Battle, Warrior M
Chance Keeper Of The Records M
Chancellor Keeper Of Records, Secretary M
Chandler Candle Maker U
Channer Wise U
Channing Wise U
Charity Charity, Kindness F
Charlene From The Name Charles F
Charlton House Where Charles Lives M
Chars Manly, Farmer M
Chas Manly, Farmer M
Chase Hunter M
Chastity Purity F
Chauncey Chancellor M
Chaylse Seaport F
Chaz Manly, Farmer M
Chelsa Harbor F
Chelsea Port Of Ships F
Chelsey Port Of Ships U
Chester A Fortress, Camp M
Chet A Fortress, Camp M
Chick From The Name Charles U
Chill From The Name Chilton M
Chilton A Town By The River M
China From China F
Chip Chipping Sparrow M
Chrissy From The Name Christopher F
Christa Christ Bearer F
Christian Of The Christian Faith U
Christiana Christian, Christ-Bearer F
Christmas Mass For Christ U
Christy Of Christ F
Chyna From The Name China F
Clare Clear F
Clay Immortal M
Clayland From The Name Clayton M
Clayton Town On Clay Land M
Cleavant A Steep Bank M
Cleave From The Name Cleavon M
Cleavon From The Name Cleavant M
Clem From The Name Clement M
Clemens From The Name Clement M
Clement Gentle, Merciful M
Clementine Merciful F
Cleveland Land Of High Cliffs M
Cliff From The Name Clifford M
Clifford From A Steep Cliff M
Clifton From A Town Near A Cliff M
Clint From The Name Clinton M
Clinton Town On A Hill M
Clive Cliff Dweller M
Clover Meadow Flower F
Cody A Cushion M
Colby Dark Haired U
Colin Child, Also Form Of Nicholas M
Collier Miner M
Collin From The Name Colin M
Colman Little Dove M
Colton Coal Town M
Comfort To Strengthen Greatly F
Connie From The Name Constance U
Constance Constant F
Cooper Barrel Maker M
Coral Reef Formation F
Corby Dark As A Raven U
Cordelia Daughter Of The Sea F
Cordell Rope Maker M
Corliss From The Name Carl Or Carlisle F
Cort Bold Or Short M
Courtney From The Court U
Coy Woods U
Coye Woods U
Creda Faith F
Creighton Near The Creek M
Crescent To Grow U
Cristy From The Name Christopher U
Cuthbert Brilliant M
Cutler Knife Maker M
Cutter Gem Cutter M
Cwen Queen F
Dallon From Dale, A Valley U
Dalton The Town Near The Valley M
Damara Fertility Goddess F
Dana Danish, From Denmark U
Danton From The Name Dante M
Darcie Of The Dark F
Darla Dear, Loved One F
Darnell Hidden Nook M
Darwin Dear Friend M
Dawson Son Of David M
Dayton Bright And Sunny Town U
Dean Head, Leader M
Delbert Bright Like Daytime M
Dempster Judge M
Denton Happy Home M
Derrick Famous Ruler M
Derron Great M
Devin Poet U
Devon Poet U
Devona Protector F
Diamond Brilliant Gem U
Dixon Son Of Richard M
Doane Hill Dweller M
Doctor The 7Th Son Of The 7Th Son M
Dominy Belonging To God M
Drake Dragon M
Duard Wealthy Guardian M
Dudley From The Meadow M
Duff Baker U
Duke Title Of Nobility M
Dunn Brown M
Dunne Brown U
Dustin Warrior M
Dusty From The Name Dustin U
Dwight White, Fair One M
Ed Wealthy Guardian M
Edaline Noble, King F
Eddy Protector M
Edgar Great Spearman M
Edie Treasure F
Edison Son Of Edward M
Edith Happy F
Edmund Protector M
Edolie Noble, Good F
Edric Prosperous Ruler M
Edward Wealthy Guardian M
Edwin Prosperous Friend M
Edwina Valuable Friend F
Edythe Happy F
Elden Protector M
Eldon Of Old Age M
Elgin Noble M
Elie From The Name Eleanor F
Elinor Light F
Eliot The Lord Is My God M
Elisa Consecrated To God F
Ellery Elder Tree Island U
Ellette Little Elf F
Elliot The Lord Is My God M
Ellison Son Of Elias M
Elmer Famous M
Elmo Protector M
Elton The Old Town M
Elvina Feminine Form Of Elvin F
Errol To Wander M
Erv From The Name Irving M
Erwin From The Name Irving M
Ethel Noble F
Ethelda Noble In Counsel F
Evelyn Hazelnut F
Everett Wild Boar, Strong M
Everley Grazing Meadow M
Everly Grazing Meadow M
Evers Wild Boar M
Eydie Rich Gift F
Fairfax Fair Haired M
Fairly The Far Meadow U
Fancy Decorated F
Farrah Delightful F
Farren Wanderer U
Faylinn Fairy Kingdom F
Fayre Beautiful F
Fell A Field M
Felton Town In A Field M
Fern A Fern Plant Or See Ferdinand F
Ferrol Iron Ring M
Field A Field M
Filbert Brilliant M
Fisk A Fish M
Fleta Swift F
Fletcher Arrow Maker M
Flint Hard Quartz Rock M
Ford River Crossing M
Fordon To Destroy M
Forest From The Woods U
Forrest Of The Woods, Forest M
Forrester Of The Forest M
Forster From The Name Forrester M
Foster From The Name Forrest M
Fox A Fox M
Fraley Friar M
Franklin Free Man M
Frasier Stawberry M
Frayne Ash Tree M
Freed Form Of Frederick M
Freeman Free Man M
Fremont Freedom Mountain M
Frye Seed, Offspring M
Fulbright Very Light M
Fuller Occupational Surname M
Galahad Pure, Noble And Selfless M
Gardenia Flower F
Gardner A Gardener M
Garfield Battlefield M
Garnet Gem F
Garren Guardian U
Garrick Leads By The Spear M
Garrison Troops In Battle M
Garron Guardian M
Garry From The Name Garret M
Garson Son Of Gar M
Garth A Field, Garden M
Gates Barriers M
Gay Merry, Happy F
Gaye Merry, Happy F
Gelsey Jasmine F
Gene Born To Nobility M
Gent Gentleman M
Geoffrey Gift Of Peace M
Georgianna Gracious Farmer F
Georgianne Gracious Farmer F
Gibson Son Of Gilbert M
Gilbert Trusted M
Gilda Golden F
Ginger The Spice F
Ginny From The Name Virginia F
Glennis From The Valley Or Glen F
Golda Made Of Gold F
Goldie From The Name Golda F
Goldy From The Name Golda F
Gomer Good Fight M
Gordon Round Hill M
Gordy From The Name Gordon M
Gore Triangular-Shaped Land M
Graham Home In Gravelled Valley M
Gram A Grain M
Grayson Son Of The Grey-Haired One M
Grover From The Grove M
Gypsy A Bohemian Traveler F
Haile From The Name Hayley F
Hailey Hero F
Haines From A Vined Cottage M
Halen Hall M
Haley Hero U
Hall From The Manor M
Hallie Fm:Haley - Clearing Of Hay F
Hamilton From The Beautiful Mountain M
Hamlet Home M
Hampton Little Town M
Hanley Meadow On The Cliff M
Harlan From The Army M
Harley Spacious Meadow M
Harlow Troops On The Hill M
Harper Harp Player U
Harris Son Of Harry M
Harrison Son Of Harry M
Harry From The Name Harold M
Hart Deer Or Stag M
Hartwell From The Well M
Harva Warrior F
Haven Safe Place M
Havyn Form Of Haven U
Hayden The Rosy Meadow U
Hayes From The Hedged Place U
Hayley From The Name Haley F
Hayward Guardian Of The Hedged Area M
Hazelle From The Name Hazel F
Heath Wasteland M
Heather A Flowering Plant F
Heaton High Ground M
Heavynne Heaven F
Hedy From The Name Hedda F
Hewitt Little Smart One M
Holden Hollow In The Valley M
Holiday Festive Day F
Hollace Var.Hollis, Near The Valley F
Holli From The Name Holly F
Hollis Near The Valley F
Holly Plant With Red Berries F
Hollye From The Name Holly F
Holt Wood M
Hope Trust, Faith F
Howard Guardian Of The Home M
Howe From The Name Howard M
Howie From The Name Howard M
Hume Supporter Of Peace M
Hunter One Who Hunts U
Hy From The Name Hyman M
Iden Prosperous U
Ignatius Firey One M
India From India F
Iria From The Name Iris F
Irisa Iris F
Irving Handsome And Fair M
Ivi Ivy Plant F
Ivie From The Name Ivy F
Ivy A Vine F
Jack From The Name John M
Jackson Son Of Jack M
Jagger To Carry M
Jaguar Large Spotted Feline M
Jamese From James U
Jamison James' Son M
Jan From The Name Janet U
Jane Gracious, Merciful F
Janet God's Gracious Gift F
Jasper Semi-Precious Stone M
Jayme James U
Jeff From The Name Jeffrey M
Jefferson Son Of Jeffrey M
Jeffery Gift Of Peace M
Jeffrey Gift Of Peace M
Jemma A Dove F
Jenna Small Bird F
Jennelle From Jenny And Nell F
Jennessa From Jennifer And Vanessa F
Jennie White Wave F
Jenny From The Name Jennifer F
Jenski Coming Home U
Jerold From The Name Gerald M
Jerrell From Gerald & Darrell M
Jersey From A Section Of England U
Jett Jet Black Gem M
Jetta Black Gem F

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