French Names

French boys, girls and unisex names with meaning for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Sex
Adeline Noble, Kind F
Adrienne Dark, Rich F
Aimee Beloved Friend F
Alain Handsome M
Alaina Fair One F
Alayna Var. Of Alaina - Fair One F
Aleron Epaulet Worn By A Knight U
Algernon Bearded M
Alsatia From Alsace-Loraine Area Of France F
Amelie Industrious, Admiring F
Ami Friend F
Anatole From The East M
Ancelin Handmaid F
Andie Courageous F
Andre Manly, Courageous M
Angelique Angelic F
Annabel Grace And Beauty F
Annabelle Grace And Beauty F
Annette Gracious F
Ansel Follows Nobility M
Antoinette Flourishing, Praiseworthy F
Antonie Feminine Form Of Anthony F
Ariane Holy F
Armande From The Name Armand M
Armelle Princess F
Arnaud Ruler Of Eagles M
Astin Starlike U
Audra From Audrey F
Augustin Revered, Exalted M
Aure Soft Air, Breeze U
Aurorette From Aurora F
Aveline Hazel F
Avent Born During Advent M
Avian Bird-Like F
Avril April F
Axelle Source Of All Life F
Babette From The Name Elizabeth F
Bastien Venerable, Revered M
Bayard With Red-Brown Hair M
Beatrice Bringer Of Joy F
Beau Beautiful, Handsome M
Beauregard Beautiful, Handsome M
Bebe Baby F
Belden From The Fair Valley M
Bell Beautiful U
Belle Beauty F
Benard From Bernard M
Bern Brave U
Bernadette Brave As A Bear F
Bernadine From The Name Bernard F
Bernard Bold As A Bear M
Berne Bold As A Bear U
Bernice Brings Victory F
Bernie From The Name Bernard M
Berny From The Name Bernard M
Bertille Heroine F
Bibiane Lively F
Blaise Stammerer U
Blanche White F
Blondelle Blonde F
Boone Good M
Brie From No. Region Of France F
Brielle Exalted Goddess F
Brigette Strong F
Brigitte From The Name Bridget F
Bruce Woods M
Burke From The Fortress M
Calais City In France F
Camille Virginal, Unblemished Character F
Caprice Fanciful F
Capucine Hood F
Caressa Loving Touch F
Caresse Beloved F
Carol Melody, Song F
Cayenne Hot Spice F
Cecile Blind F
Celestyn Heaven F
Celine Moon F
Cerise Cherry F
Chanel Channel F
Chantal Rocky Land Or Song F
Chantel Rocky Land Or Singer F
Chanton We Sing F
Charisse Grace, Beauty, Kindness F
Charleen Fem- Charles F
Charlize Womanly F
Charlot Womanly, Feminine F
Charlotte Feminine F
Charmaine Bountiful Orchard F
Cher Beloved F
Cheri From The Name Cheryl F
Cherie Beloved F
Cheryl Beloved F
Claire Clear, Bright F
Claral Clear, Bright F
Clarice Clear, Bright F
Clark Clergyman M
Clarke From The Name Clark M
Claudette Lame F
Clemance Merciful F
Clodia Form Of Claudia F
Colette From The Name Nicole F
Coligny From Cologne F
Coralie Little Maiden F
Corin A Maiden F
Corina Maiden F
Corine From The Name Corinne F
Corinne Maiden F
Corrine Maiden F
Cosette Victorious People F
Coty Small Slope U
Coyne Modest M
Cybille Soothsayer F
Danae God Is My Judge F
Danniell God Is My Judge M
Darlene Little Darling F
Darrell Darling M
Darryl From The Name Daryl M
Daryl Dear, Beloved U
Dash Page Boy M
Dashiell Page Boy M
Denis From The Name Dennis M
Denise Feminine Form Of Dennis F
Desiree Desired F
Didier Desire M
Didina Desired; Beloved F
Dionne From Diana F
Dior Present U
Dixie From The South In The U.S. F
Dominique Of God F
Elaine Light F
Elle Woman, Girl F
Eloise From The Name Lois F
Elroy The King M
Emanuele God In Humankind F
Emele Industrious, Admiring F
Emerald A Bright Green Gem F
Emilie Ambitious, Industrious F
Etienne Crowned One M
Etoile Star F
Evelia Hazelnut F
Evelien Life F
Evette From The Name Eve F
Evonne From The Name Eve And Anna F
Fabienne Bean Grower F
Fauve Wild And Uninhibited F
Fawn Young Deer F
Fay Fairy Or Elf F
Faye Fairy Or Elf F
Fifi He Shall Add F
Fleur From The Name Florence F
Fortune Given To Luck M
Fountain A Spring U
Francine Form Of Frances F
Francois Free M
Gage A Pledge, A Pawn M
Garland Wreath Of Flowers F
Gaston From Gascony, France M
Gautier Mighty Leader M
Gaylord Happy Noble Person M
Geneva Juniper Berry F
Georgette Farmer F
Geraldene One Who Rules By The Spear F
Geraldine One Who Rules By The Spear F
Gerard Brave M
Geri From The Name Geraldine F
Germain A German F
Germaine A Sprout F
Gigi Brilliant, Trustworthy F
Gilles Young Goat M
Gisela From The Name Giselle F
Giselle A Promise F
Giverny Town In France F
Granville Large Village M
Harvey Army Warrior M
Heloise Famous Fighter F
Henri From The Name Henry M
Herve Army Warrior M
Hilaire Form Of Hilary U
Iphigenie Mythical Creature F
Isabelle Consecrated To God F
Jackie From Jacqueline Or Jaclyn F
Jaclyn To Protect F
Jacqueline To Protect F
Jacques From The Name Jacob M
Jacqui From Jacqueline Or Jaclyn F
Jaimie I Love U
Jaimin I Love U
Janette God Is Gracious F
Jean Baptiste St. John The Baptist M
Jeri From The Name Geraldine F
Jermaine From Germany U
Jessamine Jasmine F
Jewel Joy F
Jewell Precious Gem F
Jocelin Supplanter F
Joelle God Is Willing F
Joie Joy F
Jolie Pretty F
Jordane Descendant F
Josephine God Will Increase F
Juin Month Of June U
Jules Youthful U
Juliet Soft-Haired F
Juliette Soft Haired F
Justin Just Or True M
Lacy From The Name Larissa F
Lancelot Attendant M
Laramie Tears Of Love U
Larue The Street U
Lauren Crowned With Laurel F
Laurence Laurel-Crowned M
Laurent Crowned With Laurel M
Laverne Like The Spring F
Lavonne Wood F
Leal Faithful U
Leala Loyal F
Leona Like A Lion F
Leontyne Like A Lion F
Leroy The King M
Leverett Young Hare M
Linette Beautiful Girl F
Lionel Lion Cub M
Lisette Consecrated To God F
Lisle Of The Island U
Loring Famous In War U
Lorraine Born Or From Lorraine F
Louie Famous Warrior M
Louise From The Name Louisa F
Lourdes Section Of France Where Virgin Mary Was Seen F
Lowell Beloved M
Lucie From The Name Lucille F
Lucien Bright, Light M
Lucille Light F
Lunette Little Moon F
Lydie A Maiden From Lydia, Greece F
Lyle From The Island U
Lynette Little Beauty F
Madeleine From The Name Madeline F
Magnolia From The Flower F
Maine Mainland U
Mallorie Ill-Omened F
Mallory Ill-Omened F
Malory Bad Luck U
Manon Bitter F
Marcel Young Warrior M
Mardi Tuesday F
Mare The Sea U
Margaux Pearl F
Margo Pearl F
Margot Pearl F
Marguerite Pearl F
Marianne From The Name Mary And Anna F
Marie Bitter Sea F
Mariette Little Bitter F
Marlon Wild Falcon M
Marshall Horse Keeper M
Martine Warlike One F
Marvel To Wonder, Admire U
Marvela Marvelous F
Mason Stone Worker U
Mateja Gift Of God F
Mathilde From The Name Matilda F
Maude From The Name Madeline F
Maurice Moor, Dark Skinned M
Maxime Greatest F
Melisande Honey Bee F
Melodie Song, Melody F
Meryle From The Name Merle U
Michel Form Of Michael M
Michele From The Name Michael F
Micheline Who Is Like God F
Michelle Who Is Like God? F
Miette Small Sweet Thing F
Mignon Delicate, Graceful F
Mimi Faithful Guard F
Minjonet Petite Blue Flower F
Mirabelle Of Wondrous Beauty F
Mirielle She Is Bitter F
Monet Solitary U
Monique Advisor F
Montague Sharp Cliff M
Mortimer Still Water M
Morty From The Name Mortimer M
Nadine Hopeful F
Naeva Evening F
Nanette Gracious F
Napoleon Fierce One From Naples M
Narcisse Daffodil F
Nathalie From The Name Natalie F
Neville New Town M
Nicolas Victorious People M
Nicole Victory Of The People F
Nicolette From The Name Nicole F
Ninon Form Of Anne F
Noe Born On Christmas, Peace U
Norman Invader Of Normandie M
Normandy Provence In France F
Norris From The North U
Odetta Ode F
Odette Ode, Melodic F
Olympe Olympian F
Oriel Gold U
Orleans Golden U
Orville Golden City M
Ouida Warrior Woman F
Paige Assistant F
Paris City In France U
Pascal Easter Child - Lamb M
Pascale Passover/Easter F
Paulette Small F
Pauline From The Name Paul F
Percival Piercing The Valley M
Percy Piercing The Valley M
Pier Form Of Pierre F
Piera Small Rock F
Pierce Form Of Peter U
Pierre A Rock M
Pierrette From The Name Pierre F
Piperel Piper, Flutist U
Platt Ground Without Slope U
Pleasance Agreeable F
Prewitt Brave One M
Quennell Oak Tree U
Quincy Fifth Son's World U
Rachelle Lamb F
Ranae Ressurected U
Ranger Forest Protector M
Remy From Rheims U
Renata Born Anew F
Renate Reborn U
Rene Reborn M
Renee Reborn F
Rey King U
Reynard Fox M
Richelle Feminine Form Of Richard F
Rochelle A Rock F
Rosemarie Bitter Flower F
Royce Son Of The King M
Rupert Bright Fame M
Russ From The Name Russell M
Russell Red Head M
Rusti Red Head U
Saber Sword M
Salene Dignified One F
Sargent Military Man M
Satin Smooth Fabric F
Selene Moon F
Severin Severe U
Seymour From The Village Of St. Maur M
Shanton We Sing F
Sharla Little And Womanly Form Od Charlotte F
Sharlene From The Name Charles F
Sidney Contraction Of St. Denys M
Sidonie Flower F
Silvain Forest M
Simone It Is Heard F
Sinclair A Clear Sign M
Solange Sun Angel/Earth Angel F
Soleil Sun F
Susane Lily F
Susie From The Name Susan F
Suzette Little Lily F
Suzy From The Name Susan F
Sydnee Contraction Of St. Denys U
Sydney Contraction Of St. Denys U
Sylvain Of The Forest U
Sylvie From The Name Sylvia F
Talen Claw U
Tallis Forest F
Tallys Forest F
Talon Claw F
Tave From Gustave U
Therese From Theresia F
Thiery Ruler Of The People M
Toni Worthy Of Praise F
Travis Crossroads M
Triage Emergency U
Tyson Explosive M
Urbain Form Of Urban U
Vachel Small Cow M
Val Power U
Valentine Health Or Love F
Valerie Fierce One F
Vallerie To Be Strong F
Varden Green Slope M
Vern Youthful M
Veronique The Truth F
Verrill Faithful M
Villette Small Village F
Violet Purple Flower F
Wyatt Peaceful M
Xarles Manly M
Xaviere New House F
Yoland Violet Flower F
Yves Archer M
Yvette Form Of Yvonne F
Yvon Male Form Of Yvonne M
Yvonne From Eve And Anna F

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