German Names

German boys, girls and unisex names with meaning for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Sex
Ada Noble, Kind F
Adalia God Is My Refuge, Noble F
Adela Noble And Serene F
Adelaide Noble, Kind F
Adele Noble, Kind F
Adelle Noble, Kind F
Adie Noble, Kind F
Adolph Wolf M
Al From The Name Albert M
Alaric He Who Rules M
Alarice All Ruler F
Albert Noble, Bright M
Alison Of Noble Birth F
Allie Of Noble Birth F
Allison Of Noble Birth F
Allyson Of Noble Birth F
Aloysius A Warrior M
Alphonse Eager, Noble M
Alvin Light Skinned M
Alyson Of Noble Birth, Kind F
Analiese From Anna & Lisa F
Analise From Analiese F
Annalise Gracious, Consecreted To God F
Annelise Gracious, Consecreted To God F
Annora With Honor F
Arch Bold, Bowman M
Archibald Very Bold M
Archie From The Name Archibald M
Arlo Hill M
Arne Eagle M
Arnold Strong As An Eagle M
Arvin Friend To All M
Aubrey Noble, Bright U
August Revered, Exalted M
Axel Source Of All Life M
Axl Source Of Life
Ballard Brave M
Barnard From The Name Bernard M
Barny From The Name Bernard M
Baron Noble Man M
Barrett Strength Of A Bear U
Berg Mountain M
Berit Glorious, Intelligent F
Bert Bright M
Bertha Bright F
Billie Defender Of Justice U
Billy From The Name William M
Boyce From The Woods M
Brewster One Who Brews Beer M
Bruno Brown One M
Burgess Town Citizen M
Carl Strong One M
Carolyn From The Name Carol And Linda F
Caspar Royal M
Casper Royal M
Charles Manly, Farmer M
Charlie Nickname For Charles/Charlotte U
Clarimonde Brilliant Protector F
Clove A Nail, Spice U
Clovis Famous Soldier (Fm. Louis) M
Coen Brave, Alt. Sp. Koen M
Conrad Bold, Wise Counselor M
Dale Valley M
Decker Man Of Prayer M
Deiter Army Of The People M
Derek Famous Ruler M
Derica Beloved Leader F
Dewitt Blond M
Dian From God Of Wine U
Dick Powerful, Rich Ruler M
Didrika Leader Of The People F
Diedrick   M
Dirk Famous Ruler M
Dolph From The Name Randolph M
Durin Mythical Dwarf M
Earnest Truth M
Edda With Clear Goals F
Ehren Honorable M
Elise Consecrated To God F
Elke Noble, Kind F
Ellard Nobly Brave M
Elsie Consecrated To God F
Ember Spark, Burning Low U
Emera Industrious Leader F
Emerson Son Of Emery M
Emery Ruler Of Work M
Emmet Strong Worker M
Emmett Strong Worker M
Emory Leader M
Erna Earnest F
Ernest Truth M
Ernie From The Name Ernest M
Erno Form Of Ernest M
Farica Chief Of Peace F
Ferdinand To Be Courageous M
Franz Free M
Fred Peaceful Ruler M
Freddy From The Name Frederick M
Frederica From The Name Fredrica F
Frederick Peaceful Ruler M
Fredrica Peace F
Fredricka Peaceful Ruler F
Frieda Peace, Joy F
Fritz Contraction Of Frederick M
Fritzi From The Name Freida F
Galiena High One F
Gari Feminine Of Gary F
Gary Spear Carrier M
Geoff Peace M
Gerald Spear Warrior M
Gerry From The Name Gerald M
Gertrude Adored Warrior F
Godfrey God Is Peace M
Griselda Gray F
Grizelda Endless Patience F
Guiliaine Pleasant Oath F
Gunther Warrior M
Gus Revered, Exalted M
Gustav Staff Of God M
Hagen Not Available M
Hallam From The Hills U
Hamlin Lover Of Home M
Hank Ruler Of The Home M
Hannelore Gracious F
Hardy Courageous, Strong M
Harmon Soldier M
Harriet Home Ruler F
Hedda From Hedwig-Refuge In Battle F
Hedwig Refuge In Battle F
Heidi Honorable F
Heinz Household Ruler M
Henrietta Ruler Of The Home F
Henriette Ruler Of The House F
Henrik From The Name Henry M
Henry Ruler Of The Home M
Herb From The Name Herbert M
Herbert Bright, Excellent Army, Ruler M
Herbst Soldier M
Herman Person Of High Rank M
Hertz My Strife M
Hilliard Guardian In Battle U
Hubert Shining Of Mind M
Huela Feminine Form Of Hugh F
Huey From The Name Hugh M
Hugh Bright In Mind And Spirit M
Hugo From The Name Hugh M
Humphrey Peace M
Ida Hardworking F
Ilse Consecrated To God F
Irma Complete One F
Ivo Cut Wood M
Jaegar Hunger M
Jaeger Hunter M
Jarvis A Conqueror M
Johanna God Is Gracious F
Jorn Vigilant Watchman M
Kaethe Pure F
Kaiser Leader M
Kalona Amish Town F
Karl From The Name Charles M
Karla Strong And Womanly F
Karli Little And Womanly F
Kaspar From The Name Casper M
Kass Blackbird M
Katrina Pure F
Klaus Leader In Victory M
Koen Brave And Gallant M
Kurt From The Name Curtis Or Conrad M
Lamar Famous Land M
Lance Spear M
Leoma Brave Woman F
Leonard Like A Lion M
Leonie Lioness F
Leopold Daring Ones M
Lew Famous Warrior M
Lewis Famous Warrior M
Liesel Dedicated And Gracious F
Lise Consecrated To God F
Lorelei Melody F
Lotte From The Name Charlotte F
Lou Famous Warrior M
Louanna Gracious Warrior F
Louis Famous Warrior M
Louisa Fights With Honor F
Luana Female Warrior F
Ludwig Famous Victories M
Luther Famous Warrior M
Lysa From The Name Lisa F
Macon Maker M
Mandel Almond U
Mandell Almond U
Mariel Bitter Sea F
Markus German Form Of Mark M
Marlene From The Name Marilyn F
Marlis Bitter F
Mathilda Might, Power F
Matilda Might, Power F
Matilde Strong In War F
Matty Strong Fighter U
Medwin Powerful Friend M
Melia Flatterer, Industrious F
Melissan From Melisande-Strength F
Mikkel Who Is Like God? U
Milla Industrious F
Milo From The Name Miles M
Minna Protection F
Nardo From The Name Bernard M
Nevin Nephew U
Nixie Water Sprite F
Nyx Sprite F
Oberon Bear Heart U
Obert Wealthy U
Ormand Serpent M
Ormanda Of The Sea F
Otto Wealthy M
Otylia Lucky Heroine F
Paulos Form Of Paul M
Pepin Determined M
Porsche Offering U
Rae Wise Protection Feminine Of Raymond F
Rainer Advisor M
Raymond Wise Protection M
Reggie Advisor To The King U
Reginald Advisor To The King M
Rocco Rest M
Roch Glory F
Roderick Famous Ruler M
Roger Fame Spear M
Roland Famed Throughout The Land M
Rosamund A Garden Of Flowers F
Rudolph Famous Wolf M
Rudy From The Name Rudolph M
Rune A Secret U
Selma Divine Protector F
Senta Assistant F
Sprague Alert, Lively M
Stan From The Name Stanley M
Stanley Rocky Meadow M
Stefan From The Name Steven M
Sterling Valuable M
Strom Stream, Flow M
Swain Youth M
Tanner Leather Worker U
Tillie Might, Power F
Trent Thirty M
Trude From Gertrude F
Trudy Adored Warrior F
Trula TRUE F
Truman Faithful Man M
Ulf Wolf U
Ull Wolf Power U
Ulmer Wolf M
Vala Singled Out F
Varick Honorable Defender M
Verena Protector F
Vilmos Steady M
Von From (The Family Of) U
Waggoner Wagon Maker M
Walda Ruler F
Waldemar Mighty, Famous M
Walden Mighty M
Waldron Mighty Raven M
Walt From The Name Walter M
Walter Army General M
Wanda A Slender, Young Tree F
Warner Defender M
Wendell Wanderer, Seeker M
Werner From The Name Warren M
Wes The West Meadow M
Wesley The West Meadow M
Wilbur From The Name Gilbert M
Wilda Untamed F
Wilhelmina Desire To Protect F
Willard Brave M
Willis Son Of William M
Wilma Protector F
Wilmer Beloved And Famous M
Wilmet Protector F
Wilson Son Of William M
Winfield Friend Of The Field M
Winola Gracious Friend F
Wolfgang Path Of A Wolf M
Zelda Woman Warrior F
Zelig The Blessed One M

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