Girl Names That Start with B

List of girl names that start with B for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Baba Born On Thursday African
Babette From The Name Elizabeth French
Bach Yen White Vietnamese
Badu Tenth Born Child African
Baina Sparkling African
Baka Crane Hindi
Ballari Walking Quietly Hindi
Bambi Child Italian
Bandele Born Away From Home African
Barb Stranger Latin
Barbara Stranger Latin
Barbie From The Name Barbara American
Barbra Stranger Latin
Bathsheba Seventh Daughter Hebrew
Bea Blessed American
Beata One Who Brings Joy Latin
Beate One Who Brings Joy Latin
Beatrice Bringer Of Joy French
Beatrix Bringer Of Joy English
Beatriz Brings Joy Latin
Bebe Baby French
Becca Bound Hebrew
Becka From The Name Rebecca Hebrew
Becky Bound Hebrew
Bela She Of Fair Skin Slavic
Belicia Dedicated To God Spanish
Belinda Beautiful Spanish
Belisma River Goddess English
Belita Beautiful Spanish
Bella Beautiful Latin
Belle Beauty French
Bellini From The Name Belle Italian
Bellona Goddess Of War Latin
Belva Beautiful View Latin
Benecia Blessed Latin
Benita Good Person Latin
Berdine Bright Maiden Greek
Berenice Victorious English
Berit Glorious, Intelligent German
Bernadette Brave As A Bear French
Bernadine From The Name Bernard French
Bernice Brings Victory French
Bertha Bright German
Bertille Heroine French
Beryl Green Jewel Greek
Bess From The Name Elizabeth Hebrew
Bessie Consecrated To God Hebrew
Beth From The Name Elizabeth Hebrew
Betha Life Celtic/Gaelic
Bethan Consecrated To God Welsh
Bethany Life-Town Near Jerusalem Hebrew
Bethesda House Of Mercy Hebrew
Betrys From Beatrice Welsh
Betsy Consecrated To God Hebrew
Bette Consecrated To God American
Bettina Consecrated To God Hebrew
Betty Consecrated To God Hebrew
Beulah Married Hebrew
Beverly Near The Meadow Of The Beavers English
Beyla By God! Slavic
Beyonce Beyond Others African-American
Bian Secretive Vietnamese
Biana Fair Skinned American
Bianca White, Fair Skinned Latin
Bibiana Lively Latin
Bibiane Lively French
Bidelia High One Celtic/Gaelic
Bikita Anteater African
Bina Freshness African
Blanca White Spanish
Blanche White French
Blenda Dazzling Bright Latin
Bliss Perfect Joy English
Blithe Happy English
Blodwyn Flower Welsh
Blondelle Blonde French
Blossom Flower-Like English
Bluma A Flower, Bloom Hebrew
Blythe Happy English
Bona Good Italian
Bonita Pretty, Beautiful Spanish
Bonnie Pretty Girl Celtic/Gaelic
Bozica Born At Christmas Slavic
Bracha A Blessing Hebrew
Braima Father Of Multitudes African
Braith Freckled Welsh
Brandee Brandy, After Dinner Drink Scandinavian
Brandi Warm And Comforting American
Brandice Combination Of Brandi And Candice American
Brandie Sweet Nectar American
Brandy Warm And Comforting American
Breanna Strong, Virtuous, Honorable Celtic/Gaelic
Bree Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Breena Fairy Land Celtic/Gaelic
Brenda Sword Scandinavian
Brendy Sword American
Brenna Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
Briallen Primrose Welsh
Briana Fortitude And Strength Celtic/Gaelic
Brianna Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Brianne Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Bridget Strong Celtic/Gaelic
Bridgit From The Name Bridget Celtic/Gaelic
Bridie Strong Celtic/Gaelic
Brie From Region Of France French
Brielle Exalted Goddess French
Brigette Strong French
Brigid Strong Celtic/Gaelic
Brigit Strong Scandinavian
Brigitte From The Name Bridget French
Brina Boundary Line Latin
Brinda Of The Basil Plant Hindi
Brita From The Name Brittania English
Britany From Britain English
Britney From Great Britain English
Brittania From Britain, British English
Brittany From Britain English
Brittnee From Britain English
Brittney From Britain English
Bronwen Dark, Pure Welsh
Bronwyn Dark, Pure Welsh
Bryanne Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Brygid Strength Polish
Bryony Vine With Small Blossoms English
Buffy From The Name Bunny American
Bunny Little Rabbit American

This was the list of girl names starting with B, more names will be added soon