Girl Names That Start with D

List of girl names that start with D for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Dacia From Dacia (Near Rome) Latin
Dagmar Glorious Scandinavian
Dahlia Flower Named For Botanist A. Dahl Greek
Daisy Daisy Flower American
Dalia A Branch, Bough Greek
Dalila Water Bearer Greek
Damali Beautiful Vision Arabic
Damara Fertility Goddess English
Damaris Gentle, Mild Greek
Damia Goddess Of Forces Of Nature Greek
Damita Baby Princess Spanish
Danae God Is My Judge French
Danelle God Is My Judge Hebrew
Dani My Judge Hebrew
Danica Morning Star Hebrew
Daniela God Is My Judge Spanish
Danielle God Is My Judge Hebrew
Danika Morning Star Slavic
Daphne Laurel Tree Greek
Dara Compassionate Hebrew
Darcie Of The Dark English
Darena Famous And Loved American
Daria Affluent, Wealthy Greek
Darice Queenly Persian
Darla Dear, Loved One English
Darlene Little Darling French
Darlita Young Girl Armenian
Darva Honey Bee Slavic
Dasha Gift Of God Greek
Datherine Beloved Virgin American
Dava Beloved Hebrew
Daveigh Beloved American
Davida From The Name David Hebrew
Davina Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
Daw Stars Thai
Dawn Diana, Sunrise Greek
Dea Goddess Greek
Deana As Dina -God Has Judged Hebrew
Deandra From The Name Diana American
Deanna Divine, Valley Latin
Deanne Divine Latin
Debbie From The Name Deborah Hebrew
Debby From The Name Deborah Hebrew
Deborah Honey Bee Hebrew
Debra From The Name Deborah Hebrew
Decima The Tenth Latin
Dee Initial D American
Deena Valley (From Dinah) Hebrew
Deidra Wanderer Alt. To Dierdre Celtic/Gaelic
Deirdra Sorrowful, Wanderer Celtic/Gaelic
Deirdre Sad One Celtic/Gaelic
Delfina Dolphin Latin
Delia From The Name Cordelia Greek
Delila Hair Or Poor Hebrew
Delilah Night Hebrew
Deliz From Dean And Liz American
Della Of The Nobility Greek
Delora Of Sorrow American
Delores From The Name Dolores Latin
Delphina Little Flower Greek
Delphine From The Flower Greek
Delta Mouth Of A River Greek
Delu The Only Girl African
Demeter Lover Of The Earth Greek
Demetra Goddess Of Fertility Greek
Demetria Goddess Of Fertility Greek
Demi Half, Small Greek
Dena Valley Or Vindicated Hebrew
Denali Great One Hindi
Denise Feminine Form Of Dennis French
Denna Glen, Valley Hebrew
Derica Beloved Leader German
Dericia Athletic African-American
Derora Running Streams Hebrew
Desdemona Of The Devil Greek
Desiree Desired French
Desma Pledge, Bond Greek
Despina Young Lady, Miss Greek
Dessa Roaming Greek
Destiny For Which You Were Meant To Do American
Deva Celestial Spirit Hindi
Devaki A God Hindi
Devi Goddess Of Power Hindi
Devika Mother Of Krishna Hindi
Devona Protector English
Devorah Honey Bee Hebrew
Devorit Form Of Deborah Hebrew
Dex Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
Dextra Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
Diana Divine Greek
Diane Celestial Hunter Latin
Dianne Celestial Hunter Greek
Diantha Divine Flower Greek
Dianthe Flower Of The Gods Greek
Diata Lion African
Didina Desired; Beloved French
Didrika Leader Of The People German
Diella Worshipper Of God Latin
Dierdra Adaptation Of Dierdre Celtic/Gaelic
Dierdre Broken Hearted Celtic/Gaelic
Dimaia Daughter Of Maia American
Dina God Has Judged Hebrew
Dinah Judgment Hebrew
Dionne From Diana French
Divya Divine Brilliance Hindi
Dixie From The South In The U.S. French
Diza Joyous Hebrew
Dolly Cute Child American
Dolores Lady Of Sorrows Spanish
Dominica Of The Lord Latin
Dominique Of God French
Donatella Beautiful Star Italian
Donelle World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
Donna Lady, Woman Latin
Donnica Lady Latin
Dora Gift Greek
Dorcas A Gazelle Greek
Dore A Gift Greek
Dori Gift Greek
Doria From The Name Dorian Greek
Dorie The Sea American
Dorinda Talented Spanish
Doris Sea Greek
Dorit From The Name Doris Hawaiian
Dorothea From The Name Dorothy Greek
Dorothy Gift Of God Greek
Dory Gift Of God Greek
Dot Gift Of God Greek
Dotty Gift Of God Greek
Drea Courageous Greek
Dreama Joyous Music American
Drucilla Mighty Latin
Duaa Prayer To God Arabic
Duena Protect The Companion Spanish
Dulce Sweet Spanish
Dulcea Sweet Spanish
Dulcina Rose Latin
Dulcinea Sweet Latin
Duyen Charm And Grace Vietnamese
Dyan From The Name Diane Latin
Dyanne From The Name Diane Latin
Dyllis Sincere Welsh
Dympna Patron Saint Of The Mentally Ill Celtic/Gaelic
Dysis Sunset Greek

This was the list of girl names starting with D, more names will be added soon