Girl Names That Start with F

List of girl names that start with F for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Fabiana Bean Farmer Italian
Fabienne Bean Grower French
Fabiola Bean Grower Italian
Faith To Trust Latin
Falala Born In Abundance African
Fallon Of A Ruling Family Celtic/Gaelic
Fanchon Free, Whimsical Hebrew
Fancy Decorated English
Farica Chief Of Peace German
Farrah Delightful English
Farsiris Princess Persian
Fauna Goddess Of Fertility Greek
Faunia Young Deer Latin
Fausta Fortunate Italian
Faustine Lucky Italian
Fauve Wild And Uninhibited French
Fawn Young Deer French
Fawzia Winner Arabic
Fay Fairy Or Elf French
Faye Fairy Or Elf French
Faylinn Fairy Kingdom English
Fayola Walks With Honor African
Fayre Beautiful English
Fedella From Fedelia Or Fidel-Faithful Latin
Fedora Divine Gift Greek
Felice Fortunate, Happy Latin
Felicia Happiness Latin
Felicity Happiness Latin
Femi Love Egyptian
Fenella Fair Celtic/Gaelic
Feng Maple Or Phoenix Chinese
Fennella White Shoulder Celtic/Gaelic
Fern A Fern Plant Or See Ferdinand English
Feryal Beauty Of Light Arabic
Fia Weaver Portuguese
Fiachra Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
Fidelia Faithful Spanish
Fidelina Little Faithful One Spanish
Fidella Faithful Latin
Fifi He Shall Add French
Filia Friendship Greek
Filipina Lover Of Horses Polish
Fineen Fair Offspring Celtic/Gaelic
Finna Fair Celtic/Gaelic
Finnea Wood Of The Ford Celtic/Gaelic
Finola White Haired Celtic/Gaelic
Fiona White, Fair Celtic/Gaelic
Fionn From Fiona Celtic/Gaelic
Fionnuala Fair Shoulders Celtic/Gaelic
Fionnula From The Name Fiona Celtic/Gaelic
Fiorella Little Flower Italian
Fiorenza Flower Italian
Fisseha Happiness, Joy African
Fleta Swift English
Fleur From The Name Florence French
Flo From The Name Florence Latin
Flora Flowering Latin
Floramaria Flower Of Mary Spanish
Florence Prosperous, Flowering Latin
Floria Flowering Latin
Floriane Flowering Latin
Florida Flowering Spanish
Florrie From The Name Florence Latin
Flower From The Name Florence Latin
Fola Honor African
Fonda The Earth, Grounded Spanish
Forever Never Ending American
Frances Free Latin
Francesca Free Latin
Francine Form Of Frances French
Frederica From The Name Fredrica German
Fredrica Peace German
Fredricka Peaceful Ruler German
Freira Sister Spanish
Freja Norse Goddess Of Love Scandinavian
Freya Goddess Of Love, Fertility And Beauty Scandinavian
Frieda Peace, Joy German
Fritzi From The Name Freida German
Fruma One Who Is Religious Hebrew

This was the list of girl names starting with F, more names will be added soon