Girl Names That Start with J

List of girl names that start with J for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Jacinda Beautiful Greek
Jacinta Purple Spanish
Jackie From Jacqueline Or Jaclyn French
Jaclyn To Protect French
Jacoba Supplant Hebrew
Jacqueline To Protect French
Jacqui From Jacqueline Or Jaclyn French
Jadyn God Has Heard Hebrew
Jadzia Princess Polish
Jael Prominent Hebrew
Jahzara Blessed Princess African
Jalena Light Slavic
Jalene From James And Lenore American
Jalia Noble American
Jalil Friend Arabic
Jalila Great Arabic
Jamila Beautiful Egyptian
Jamuna Holy River Hindi
Jana God Is Gracious Slavic
Janae Form Of Janet Hebrew
Jane Gracious, Merciful English
Janeeva Juniper Berry American
Janelle God Is Gracious American
Janet God's Gracious Gift English
Janette God Is Gracious French
Jania God Is Gracious Polish
Janice God Is Gracious Hebrew
Janina Form Of Jane American
Janine From The Name Jane American
Janna God Is Gracious Slavic
January Born In January American
Jara Anc. Slavic For Spring Slavic
Jariah Tributary Lord African-American
Jasmin A Flower In The Olive Family Persian
Jasmine A Flower In The Olive Family Persian
Jaunie Brave And Kind American
Jazlynn From Jasmine & Lynn American
Jeanette God Is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
Jeanine God Is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
Jeanne From The Name Jane Celtic/Gaelic
Jemima A Dove Hebrew
Jemma A Dove English
Jen White Wave Welsh
Jena Paradise Arabic
Jenaya Trendy And Hip American
Jendayi Thankful Egyptian
Jeneil Champion Wave American
Jeneva White Wave American
Jenibelle Beautiful And Bright American
Jenifer White Wave Welsh
Jenis Genesis The Beginning Hebrew
Jenn Nickname For Jennifer American
Jenna Small Bird English
Jennelle From Jenny And Nell English
Jennessa From Jennifer And Vanessa English
Jennica Combination Of Jennifer And Jessica American
Jennie White Wave English
Jennifer White Wave Welsh
Jenny From The Name Jennifer English
Jera Holy American
Jereni Peaceful Slavic
Jeri From The Name Geraldine French
Jerica Strong, A Gifted Ruler American
Jerrica Honorable One Who Rules By The Spear American
Jerusha Inheritance Hebrew
Jesimae Wealthy And Bitter American
Jeslyn Blessed With Wealth And Beauty American
Jessamine Jasmine French
Jessenia Flower Arabic
Jessica Wealthy Hebrew
Jessie From The Name Jessica Hebrew
Jetta Black Gem English
Jewel Joy French
Jewell Precious Gem French
Jezebel Impure Hebrew
Jia Li Good And Beautiful Chinese
Jill Girl/Sweetheart English
Jillian Youthful Latin
Jin Tenderness Japanese
Jinelle From Guinevere- Fair Welsh
Jira Related By Blood African
Joan From The Name Joanne Hebrew
Joann From The Name Joanne English
Joanna From The Name Joanne English
Joanne God Is Gracious English
Jocasta Cheerful Greek
Jocelin Supplanter French
Jocelyn Light Hearted Latin
Jodi From Johanna American
Jodie Grace Of God Hebrew
Joella Lord Is Willing Hebrew
Joelle God Is Willing French
Johanna God Is Gracious German
Johari Jewel African
Johnda God Is Gracious Hebrew
Johnna Consecrated To God Hebrew
Joie Joy French
Jola Pretty Greek
Jolene She Will Increase English
Jolie Pretty French
Jordana Descending Hebrew
Jordane Descendant French
Jorjanna Lovable Country Child American
Josephine God Will Increase French
Josie God Will Add American
Jovanna Majestic Latin
Jovianne Majestic Latin
Jovita Happy Latin
Joy Joy Latin
Joyce Merry Latin
Joyceta Little Joy Spanish
Joylyn Joyful One American
Juana God Is Beneficent Hebrew
Juandalynn From Gwendolyn Spanish
Juanita Consecrated To God Spanish
Judith From Judah Hebrew
Judy From Judah Hebrew
Jui Flower Hindi
Juji Heap Of Love African
Julia Soft-Haired, Youthful Latin
Juliana Soft-Haired Spanish
Julianna From The Name Julia & Anne Slavic
Julianne From The Name Julia & Anne English
Julie Soft-Haired, Youthful Latin
Juliet Soft-Haired French
Juliette Soft Haired French
Julinka Youthful Hungarian
Julisha To Make Known African
July From The Name Julia Latin
June Born In June Latin
Juniper Juniper Berry Latin
Justine Fairness Latin
Justise Just Latin
Jyotika Light, Flame Hindi

This was the list of girl names starting with J, more names will be added soon