Girl Names That Start with L

List of girl names that start with L for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
La Cienega The Swamp, Marshes Spanish
Laasya Dance Hindi
Lacey From Normandy, France American
Lacy From The Name Larissa French
Lada Goddess Of Love And Fertility Slavic
Ladonna The Woman Spanish
Lael Of God Hebrew
Lahela Innocent Lamb Hawaiian
Lainey Bright Light American
Lakeisha Form Of Keziah African-American
Lakia Treasure Arabic
Laksha White Rose Hindi
Lala Tulip Slavic
Lalaine The Narrow Road American
Lalasa Dove Hindi
Laleh From Leila Arabic
Lali Well Spoken Greek
Lalita She Who Plays Greek
Lamis Soft Arabic
Lamya Dark Arabic
Lan Flower Name Vietnamese
Lana Attractive, Peaceful Celtic/Gaelic
Lanai Terrace, Veranda Hawaiian
Lanelle Narrow Road African-American
Lanza Noble And Eager Italian
Lapis Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Egyptian
Laqueta The Quiet One African-American
Laquinta The Fifth African-American
Lara Cheerful Greek
Laraine Sorrowful Latin
Lareina The Queen Spanish
Larissa Cheerful Greek
Lark Songbird American
Larya Crowned With Laurel Slavic
Lassie Young Girl, Maiden Celtic/Gaelic
Latanya The Fairy Queen African-American
Latifah Elegant African
Latika Hindu God Hindi
Latisha Great Joy African-American
Latona Goddess Name Greek
Latoya Praised Woman African-American
Laura Laurel-Crowned Latin
Laurel Crowned With Laurel English
Lauren Crowned With Laurel French
Laurie Crowned With Laurels English
Lavada Friendly And Creative American
Lavanya Grace Hindi
Laverne Like The Spring French
Lavina Woman Of Rome Latin
Lavinia Latin Woman Latin
Lavonn Wood American
Lavonne Wood French
Lawanda Little Wanderer American
Lawrencia Crowned With Laurels Latin
Layla Dark Beauty Arabic
Lea Meadow Hebrew
Leah Weary Hebrew
Leala Loyal French
Leane Graceful Willow Celtic/Gaelic
Leann Combination Of Lee And Ann English
Leanna Graceful Willow English
Leanne Gracious Plum English
Leatrix Weary + Bringer Of Joy American
Lecea Of Noble Birth American
Leda Mother Creator Greek
Ledell Spartan Queen Greek
Leena Illumination Russian
Lehana One Who Refuses African
Lei Flower Bud Chinese
Leia Weary Hebrew
Leighanna Gracious, Poetic English
Leighna Illustrious American
Leiko Arrogant Japanese
Leila Dark Beauty Arabic
Leilani Heavenly Flower Hawaiian
Lela Lofty Spanish
Lelia Lily Latin
Lena Illustrious Hebrew
Lenci Light Hungarian
Lenka Illumination Slavic
Lenora From The Name Leona Spanish
Lenore Light Greek
Leola Lioness Italian
Leoma Brave Woman German
Leona Like A Lion French
Leonie Lioness German
Leonora Light Greek
Leontyne Like A Lion French
Leora Light Latin
Lesa Consecreted To God American
Lesley Grey Fortress Celtic/Gaelic
Lethia Forgetfulness Greek
Letitia Joy, Gladness Latin
Levana Risen Latin
Levia Combine Forces Hebrew
Lewa Beautiful African
Lexi Protector Of Mankind Greek
Lexine Defender Of Mankind American
Leyna Bright And Shining Light Russian
Li Hua Pear Blossom Chinese
Li Mei Pretty Rose Chinese
Li Ming Pretty And Bright Chinese
Lia Weary Hebrew
Lian Lotus Chinese
Liana My God Has Answered Hebrew
Libba From The Name Elizabeth Hebrew
Libby Consecreted To God Hebrew
Libra The Scales, Equality Latin
Licia Happy Latin
Lida Beloved By All Russian
Lidia Province In Asia Polish
Liesel Dedicated And Gracious German
Lieu Willow Tree Vietnamese
Lila Night Arabic
Lilac Bluish Purple Latin
Lilah Night Arabic
Lilia Lilac Slavic
Lilian Blend Of Lily And Ann American
Lilianna Gracious Lily Latin
Liliha Angry Disregard Hawaiian
Lilika Lily Flower Greek
Lilike Lily Flower Hungarian
Lilith Of The Night Arabic
Lilka Warrior Maiden Polish
Lilli Flower Latin
Lillian Blend Of Lily And Ann English
Lilly Lily Flower Latin
Lily Blossoming Flower Latin
Lin From The Name Linda Latin
Lina Light Italian
Linaeve Tree Of Song American
Linda Pretty One Spanish
Linette Beautiful Girl French
Ling Sound Of Jade/Dawn Chinese
Linnea Lime Tree Scandinavian
Linore From Lenore Greek
Liona Lioness Italian
Liora Light Hebrew
Lis Consecrated Toi God Scandinavian
Lisa Consecrated To God Hebrew
Lisbet From The Name Elizabeth Hebrew
Lise Consecrated To God German
Lisette Consecrated To God French
Lisimba Lion African
Lita Light Latin
Liv Olive Tree, Peace Latin
Livana Lunar Hebrew
Livi Olive Branch, Peace Latin
Livia From The Name Olivia Hebrew
Livvy From The Name Oliver Greek
Lixue Pretty Snow Chinese
Liz From The Name Elizabeth American
Liza Consecrated To God Hebrew
Lizbeth From The Name Elizabeth Hebrew
Lizina Consecrated To God Slavic
Lluvia Rain Spanish
Loan Not Available Vietnamese
Lois Good Hebrew
Lola Sorrowful Spanish
Lona Lioness, Ready For Battle English
Lonna Light Slavic
Lora Laurel-Crowned Latin
Lorelei Melody German
Lorena Crowned With Laurel Latin
Lorene Small Victories American
Loretta Crowned With Laurel Latin
Lori Crowned With Laurel Latin
Lorie Crowned With Laurel Latin
Lorna Crowned With Laurel Latin
Lorraine Born Or From Lorraine French
Lorretta Diminutive Of Loretta English
Lotta Petite Beauty Latin
Lotte From The Name Charlotte German
Lottie Petite Beauty Latin
Lotus The Flower Greek
Louanna Gracious Warrior German
Louisa Fights With Honor German
Louise From The Name Louisa French
Lourdes Section Of France Where Virgin Mary Was Seen French
Lovette Little Loved One English
Lovey Loved One American
Lovie Loved One American
Lowri Crowned With Laurels Welsh
Luana Female Warrior German
Lucia Light Italian
Lucie From The Name Lucille French
Lucille Light French
Lucinda Beautiful Light Latin
Lucine Moonlight Armenian
Lucrece Bringer Of Light Latin
Lucretia Full Of Light Latin
Lucy Light Latin
Luella Female Warrior American
Lula Pearl Arabic
Lulu Pearl Arabic
Lumina Of The Light, Glowing Latin
Luna The Moon Latin
Lunette Little Moon French
Lupe From The Name Guadalupe Spanish
Lupita From The Name Guadalupe Spanish
Luz Light Spanish
Lycoris Twilight Greek
Lydia A Maiden From Lydia, Greece Greek
Lydie A Maiden From Lydia, Greece French
Lyn Beautiful American
Lynda Beautiful Latin
Lynelle Pretty American
Lyneth Beautiful One Welsh
Lynette Little Beauty French
Lynna Waterfall English
Lynnea Pretty Latin
Lynsey From The Linden Tree American
Lyris A Harp Or Lyre Greek
Lysa From The Name Lisa German
Lysandra One Who Is Freed Greek

This was the list of girl names starting with L, more names will be added soon