Girl Names That Start with M

List of girl names that start with M for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Mab Happy Celtic/Gaelic
Mabel My Beautiful One English
Mabli Beautiful One Welsh
Mabyn Ever Young Welsh
Macaria Blessed Greek
Macayle Form Of Michaela Celtic/Gaelic
Machiko Fortunate One Japanese
Macy Enduring English
Mada The End Of The Path Arabic
Maddy From Madeline English
Madeleine From The Name Madeline French
Madelia High Tower Greek
Madeline High Tower Greek
Madelyn High Tower Greek
Madge Pearl Greek
Madonna My Lady Latin
Madra From The Name Madonna Latin
Madrona Mother Spanish
Mae From The Name Mary Celtic/Gaelic
Maegan Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Maeko Truthful Child Japanese
Maeve Goddess Of Song Celtic/Gaelic
Magda High Tower Polish
Magdalen High Tower Greek
Magdalena Woman From Magdala Spanish
Magdalene Woman From Magdala Latin
Maggie Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Magnolia From The Flower French
Maha Beautiful Eyes African
Mahal Love All Nationalities
Mahala Powerful Arabic
Mahalah Narrow, Tender Arabic
Mahalia Powerful American
Mahdis Moon-Like Persian
Mahina Moon Hawaiian
Mahlah From Mahala Arabic
Mahogany Dark Red Wood English
Mahogony Rich Spanish
Mahola Dance Hebrew
Mahsa Like The Moon Persian
Mai Brightness Japanese
Maia Mother Greek
Maida High Tower Greek
Maili Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
Maille Form Of Molly Celtic/Gaelic
Maina Bird Hindi
Maire Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
Mairead Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Mairi Gaelic For Mary, Sea Of Bitterness Celtic/Gaelic
Mairwen Fair Mary Welsh
Maisha Life African
Maisie Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Maja Splendid Arabic
Makaila Who Is Like God American
Makala Shrub Hawaiian
Makana Gift Hawaiian
Makara Born Under Capricorn Hindi
Makayla Who Is Like God? Celtic/Gaelic
Makelina From Magdelene Hawaiian
Makenna From Mckenna Celtic/Gaelic
Mala High Tower Greek
Malaika Angel African
Malana Light Hawaiian
Malaya Free Spanish
Maleah Bitter Hawaiian
Malha Queen Hebrew
Mali Flower Thai
Malia Calm And Peaceful) Hawaiian
Malik King African
Malika Industrious Hungarian
Malina Tower, Soothing Hebrew
Malinda Honey Greek
Malini Gardender Hindi
Malise Black, Dark Celtic/Gaelic
Malissa Honey Bee Greek
Malkia Queen African
Mallika Jasmine Hindi
Malloren Laurel Of Bad Luck American
Mallorie Ill-Omened French
Mallory Ill-Omened French
Malvina Chief English
Manasa Mind Hindi
Manda River Hindi
Mandana Everlasting Persian
Mandara Calm Hindi
Mandelina Lovable American
Mandisa Sweet African
Mandy Worthy Of Love Latin
Manica From The Nica African
Manju Sweet Hindi
Manon Bitter French
Manoush Sweet Sun Persian
Mansa Third Born Girl African
Mantreh Pure Persian
Manuela God Is With Us Hebrew
Mara Bitter Sea Hebrew
Marcella Young Warrior Latin
Marcena Martial Latin
Marci Martial Latin
Marcia Brave Latin
Marcie Warlike English
Marcy Martial Latin
Mardea Last African
Mardi Tuesday French
Maree From Mary Or Marie Hebrew
Maren Of The Sea Latin
Marenda Admirable Latin
Margaret A Pearl Latin
Margarita A Pearl Spanish
Margaux Pearl French
Marge Pearl American
Marged Pearl Welsh
Margo Pearl French
Margot Pearl French
Marguerite Pearl French
Mari Wished-For Child Hebrew
Maria Bitter Sea Spanish
Mariah Bitter, God Is My Teacher Latin
Mariam Wished-For Child Hebrew
Marian From Mary And Ann English
Mariana Combination Of Mary And Ann Spanish
Marianne From The Name Mary And Anna French
Maribel Bitter; Consecrated To God Spanish
Maribeth Bitter Sea, House Of God American
Marie Bitter Sea French
Mariel Bitter Sea German
Marietta Little Bitter English
Mariette Little Bitter French
Marigold Golden Flower English
Marijke Bitter Slavic
Marika Bitter Polish
Mariko Circle Japanese
Marilee Combination Of Mary And Lee American
Marilu From Mary And Lucille American
Marilyn Descendants Of Mary Hebrew
Marina From The Sea Slavic
Maris Of The Sea Greek
Marisa Of The Sea Latin
Marisela From The Sea Latin
Mariska Of The Sea Hungarian
Marisol Sunny Sea Spanish
Marissa Of The Sea Latin
Marja Sadness From The Sea Scandinavian
Marjean Coral, Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
Marjorie Pearl Greek
Marka Steady Rain African
Marla High Tower Greek
Marlee Descendents Of Mary American
Marlene From The Name Marilyn German
Marli From The Name Marilyn English
Marlie From The Name Marilyn American
Marlis Bitter German
Marlo Decendent Of Mary English
Marly From The Name Marilyn English
Marnie From The Sea American
Marnina Rejoice Hebrew
Marsha Form Of Marcia Latin
Marta From The Name Martha English
Martha Lady Hebrew
Martina Who Loves Everyone, Warlike Latin
Martine Warlike One French
Marva Marvelous Latin
Marvela Marvelous French
Marvene From The Name Marvin Celtic/Gaelic
Mary Bitter Hebrew
Marysol Sunny Sea Spanish
Masako Justice Japanese
Matana Blessing Hebrew
Mateja Gift Of God French
Materia Of The Human World Latin
Mathilda Might, Power German
Mathilde From The Name Matilda French
Matia From Matilda Spanish
Matilda Might, Power German
Matilde Strong In War German
Maude From The Name Madeline French
Maura Dark Celtic/Gaelic
Maureen Dark Celtic/Gaelic
Mauve Purplish Color American
Mave Happiness Celtic/Gaelic
Mavis The Thrush English
Maxima Miracle Worker Latin
Maxime Greatest French
Maxine Greatest Latin
May From Mary-Bitter Heart Latin
Maya Mother Greek
Mayda Maiden English
Maylin Great Waterfall American
Mayten Born On The 10Th Of May American
Mckayla Who Is Like God? Celtic/Gaelic
Mea Mine Italian
Meadow Beautiful Field American
Meagan Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Meaghan A Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Meara Filled With Mirth Celtic/Gaelic
Medea Goddess/Sorceress Greek
Media Communication Greek
Meena Blue Gem Stone Hindi
Meg Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Megan Soft And Gentle Celtic/Gaelic
Megara Pearl Greek
Meghan Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Meghana Cloud Hindi
Mei May Hawaiian
Meira Light Hebrew
Mekelle Who Is Like God? African-American
Melaney Dark Greek
Melangell Sweet Angel Welsh
Melania Dark Skinned Latin
Melanie Dark-Skinned Greek
Melantha Dark Violet Greek
Melba Thin Skinned Greek
Melia Flatterer, Industrious German
Melina Bright Yellow Greek
Melinda Honey Greek
Meliora Better Latin
Melisande Honey Bee French
Melissa A Honey Bee Greek
Melissan From Melisande-Strength German
Melita Form Of Melissa Italian
Melodie Song, Melody French
Melody Song-Like Greek
Melora Combination Of Melissa And Lora American
Melosa Sweetlike Spanish
Melva Armored Celtic/Gaelic
Melvina Armored Chief Celtic/Gaelic
Memphis Good Place To Live Egyptian
Menora Candelabra Hebrew
Mercedes Merciful Spanish
Mercia Mercy English
Mercy Compassion English
Meredith Protector From The Sea Welsh
Meria Rebellious One African
Meriel Shining Sea Celtic/Gaelic
Merry From The Name Meredith Or Happy English
Metea Gentle Greek
Metta Dininutive-Margareta-Pearl Scandinavian
Mia Mine Latin
Michaela Feminine Form Of Michael Celtic/Gaelic
Michele From The Name Michael French
Micheline Who Is Like God French
Michelle Who Is Like God? French
Michi Righteous Way Japanese
Michiko Beauty, Wisdom Japanese
Micol Queen Hebrew
Midori Green Japanese
Mieko Already Prosperous Japanese
Miette Small Sweet Thing French
Mignon Delicate, Graceful French
Mikaia God's Earth American
Mikayla Gift from God English
Miki Flower Stalk Japanese
Mildred Mild Strength English
Mili Virtuous? Hebrew
Miliani Gentle Caress Hawaiian
Milica Ruler Slavic
Milla Industrious German
Millicent Ambitious Greek
Millie From The Name Mildred English
Milly From The Name Mildred English
Mimi Faithful Guard French
Mimis Goddess Of Harvest Greek
Mina South Japanese
Minda Knowledge Hindi
Mindy Honey Greek
Minerva Goddess Of Wisdom Latin
Miniya Much Expected Of Her African
Minjonet Petite Blue Flower French
Minna Protection German
Minnie Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
Mira Behold, Admirable Latin
Mirabel Of Uncommon Beauty Spanish
Mirabelle Of Wondrous Beauty French
Miranda Admirable, Beautiful Latin
Mirari Miracle Portuguese
Mircea Mercy American
Mireille God Has Spoken Hebrew
Mirella Jehovah Spoke Hebrew
Mireya Got Has Spoken Hebrew
Miriam Mistress Of The Sea Hebrew
Mirielle She Is Bitter French
Mirra Behold, Admirable Latin
Mistico Mystic Italian
Misty Covered With Mist, Dew American
Mita Myth Italian
Miya Sacred House Japanese
Miyanda Roots African
Miyo Beautiful Child Japanese
Miyoko Beautiful Child Japanese
Mliss Flower Cambodian
Moana Ocean Hawaiian
Moanna Ocean Hawaiian
Modesta Shy, Modest Latin
Modesty Without Conceit American
Moesha Drawn Out Of The Water African-American
Moira Bitter Celtic/Gaelic
Molly Bitter Hebrew
Mona Royal Greek
Monica Advisor Greek
Monifa I Am Lucky Egyptian
Monique Advisor French
Monisha Solitary Life African-American
Monita Noble Spanish
Montsho Black African
Mora Sweet Berry Spanish
Morag Embracing The Sun Celtic/Gaelic
Morela Brunette Portuguese
Morgana Seashore Welsh
Moriah God Is My Teacher Hebrew
Morna Affection, Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
Morrisa Dark One Latin
Morwen Young Girl Welsh
Morwenna Sea Wave Welsh
Moya Great Spanish
Mrinal Lotus Blossom Hindi
Mulan Magnolia Blossom Chinese
Muna The Lord Is With You African
Muncel Strong And Willing African-American
Muniya Small Bird Hindi
Mura Village Japanese
Muriel From The Name Merle Celtic/Gaelic
Mutia Honored One African
Mya Emerald Hawaiian
Myeisha One Who Is Loved Greatly African
Myra From The Name Miranda Latin
Myrilla Wonderful Latin
Myrna Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
Myrrh Natural Scent Egyptian
Myrtle The Tree/Victory Greek
Mystery Unknown, Question American

This was the list of girl names starting with M, more names will be added soon