Girl Names That Start with P

List of girl names that start with P for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Pabla From The Name Pauline Spanish
Padma Goddess Hindi
Paige Assistant French
Paiva God Of The Sun Scandinavian
Pakuna Deer Jumping Downhill Native American
Palesa Flower African
Palila Bird Hawaiian
Pallavi New Leaves Hindi
Palma Palm Spanish
Paloma A Dove Spanish
Pam Honey Greek
Pamela Honey Greek
Pamelia Covered With Honey Greek
Pandora Gifted Greek
Paniz Sugar Persian
Panthea Of All Gods Greek
Panya Enthroned Slavic
Panyin Older Twin African
Paola Small Italian
Papina Ivy Native American
Paprika Spice English
Parmida Princess Persian
Parvani Full Moon Hindi
Pascale Passover/Easter French
Patia Intellectually Superior Greek
Patience From The Virtue English
Patrice Of Noble Descent Latin
Patricia Of Noble Descent Latin
Patsy From The Name Patricia Latin
Patty From The Name Patricia Latin
Paula Small Latin
Paulette Small French
Paulina From The Name Pauline Latin
Pauline From The Name Paul French
Pearl A Gem Of The Sea Latin
Pearlie Jewel Latin
Pearly A Jewel Greek
Pebbles Small Rocks American
Pegeen From Margaret-A Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Peggy From The Name Margaret Celtic/Gaelic
Peigi Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Pelagia Sea Greek
Penda Loved Slavic
Penelope Dream Weaver Greek
Penney Silent Worker (From Penelope) Greek
Pennie Silent Worker (From Penelope) Greek
Penny Silent Worker (From Penelope) Greek
Peony Physician Of The Gods Greek
Pepper From The Pepper Plant American
Perdita Lost Woman Latin
Perdy From Perdita Latin
Peri Lives In The Mountains Greek
Persephone Daughter Of Demetra Greek
Peta Golden Eagle Native American
Petra Small Rock Greek
Petronella Stone Latin
Petula Impatient Latin
Petunia Of The Petunia Flower English
Phaedra Glowing Greek
Phailin Sapphire Thai
Phenyo Victory African
Phiala Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
Phila Love Greek
Philana Lover Of Mankind Greek
Philantha Lover Of Flowers Greek
Philena Lover Of Mankind Greek
Philippa Loving - Feminine Of Phillip Greek
Philomena Loving Greek
Philyra To Love Music Greek
Phoebe Bright, Shining One Greek
Phuong Phoenix Vietnamese
Phylicia Fortunate Greek
Phyliss Green Leaf Greek
Phyllis Green Leaf Greek
Pia Pious Italian
Pier Form Of Pierre French
Piera Small Rock French
Pierrette From The Name Pierre French
Pilar Pillar Of Strength Spanish
Pilialoha Beloved Hawaiian
Pilis Horse Lover Hawaiian
Pink Light Red Color, Healthy American
Pippa Lover Of Horses English
Pleasance Agreeable French
Polly Bitter Latin
Pomona Apple Greek
Portia Roman Clan Name Latin
Posy Small Flower English
Precious Precious One American
Prema Love Arabic
Premala Loving Hindi
Presencia Presence Spanish
Presta Hurry, Quick Spanish
Primavera Springtime Spanish
Princess Royal Daughter English
Prisca Ancient, Old English
Priscilla Ancient Latin
Prudence Cautious, Intelligent English
Prue Form Of Prudence English
Prunella Little Plum Latin
Psyche The Soul Greek
Pules Pidgeon Native American
Purity Unsullied, Clean English

This was the list of girl names starting with P, more names will be added soon