Girl Names That Start with T

List of girl names that start with T for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Taariq Morning Star Swahili
Tabitha A Gazelle Hebrew
Tablita Tiara Native American
Tacey Silent, Calm English
Tacita Silent Latin
Tacy Silence Latin
Tadita Runner Native American
Tahirah Pure Egyptian
Tahlia Morning Dew Hebrew
Taifa Nation, Tribe African
Tailynn From Tai And Lynn American
Taima Loud Thunder Native American
Taini Returning Moon Native American
Taipa Wingspan Native American
Taja To Mention African
Takala Corn Tassel African
Takoda Friend To Everyone Native American
Tala Wolf Native American
Tale Green Egyptian
Talia Morning Dew Hebrew
Taline Monestary Armenian
Talisa Consecrated To God African-American
Talisha Damsel Arise African-American
Talitha Maiden, Child Hebrew
Tallis Forest French
Tallulah Running Water Native American
Tallys Forest French
Talon Claw French
Talor Morning Dew Hebrew
Talulah Leaping Water Native American
Tam Palm Tree Hebrew
Tama Whole, Perfect Japanese
Tamanna Desire Hindi
Tamara A Spice Or Palm Tree Hebrew
Tamasha Pageant African
Tamatha Dear Tammy American
Tamber Music Pitch American
Tambre Great Joy, Music English
Tameka Twin Arabic
Tamera A Spice Or Palm Tree Hebrew
Tamesis Goddess Of The River Greek
Tamika People African-American
Tamira A Spice Or Palm Tree African-American
Tamitha Twin Hebrew
Tamma Perfect Hebrew
Tammy From The Name Tamara Hebrew
Tamra A Spice Or Palm Tree Hebrew
Tamyra A Spice Or Palm Tree African-American
Tana Fairy Queen Slavic
Tanaya Child Of Mine Hindi
Tandice Team African-American
Tangia The Angel American
Tanginika Lake Goddess African-American
Tania A Fairy Queen-Of Tatiana Slavic
Taniel Feminine Form Of Daniel African-American
Tanika Rope Hindi
Tanisha Born On Monday African-American
Tanith Goddess Of Love Greek
Tansy Flower Native American
Tanuja Daughter Hindi
Tanya Fairy Queen Slavic
Tara Craggy Hillside Celtic/Gaelic
Tarala Honeybee Hindi
Tarana Born During The Day African
Tarannum Melody Hindi
Tariana Holy Hillside African-American
Tarika Star Hindi
Tarisai Look, Behold African
Taryn Irish Hillside Celtic/Gaelic
Tasanee Beautiful View Thai
Tasha Born On Christmas Greek
Tasmine Twin American
Tasya Resurrection Slavic
Tatiana Fairy Queen Slavic
Tatum Cheerful English
Tauret Goddess Of Pregnant Women Egyptian
Tavia Eighth Latin
Tavita Eighth Latin
Tawana Tan Hide Native American
Tawny Tanned Hide American
Taya From The Name Taylor English
Tazanna Princess Native American
Tazara Railway Line African
Tea Princess, Aunt Spanish
Tegan Beautiful Person Welsh
Tehya Precious Native American
Teigra Tiger Greek
Tejana Texan Female Spanish
Tekli Famous For God Polish
Teleri From The River Tyleri Welsh
Telma Ambitious Greek
Telyn Harp Welsh
Temima Whole, Honest African-American
Temira Tall Hebrew
Tempest Stormy American
Tendai Be Thankful To God African
Tender Sensitive American
Teness Not Available American
Terah Earth, Hillside Latin
Teranika Earth's Victory Celtic/Gaelic
Terehasa Blessed African
Terena From Terence English
Terentia Tender Latin
Teresa Harvester Spanish
Terra Earth Italian
Terrene Smooth Latin
Terri Harvester Greek
Teryl Bright And Vivacious English
Tess From Theresia Latin
Tessa Gatherer Greek
Tessica Wealthy Harvester American
Tevy Angel Cambodian
Thadine The Praised Hebrew
Thais The Bond Greek
Thalassa The Sea Greek
Thalia Joyful Greek
Thandiwe The Loving One African
Thao Respectful Of Parents Vietnamese
Thea Gift Of God Greek
Thelma Ambitious Greek
Thema Queen African
Theodora From Theodore Greek
Theola Divine Greek
Theophilia Loved Divinely Greek
Theoris Great Egyptian
Theresa Harvester Greek
Therese From Theresia French
Theresia City In Ancient Greece Greek
Theta Greek Letter Greek
Thetis Mythical Creature Greek
Thi Poetry Vietnamese
Thina Wise Greek
Thisbe Lover Greek
Thora Thunder Scandinavian
Thuraya Stars And The Planets Arabic
Thuy Pure Vietnamese
Thy Poetry Vietnamese
Thyra A Window Or Goddess Of Dawn Greek
Tia Princess Or Aunt Spanish
Tiana Princess Greek
Tiara Crowned Latin
Tiaret Lioness African
Tien Fairy Vietnamese
Tierney Noble, Lordly Celtic/Gaelic
Tierra Land Latin
Tieve Hillside Celtic/Gaelic
Tiffany Three, The Trinity Greek
Tillie Might, Power German
Timberly Tall Ruler African-American
Tina Short For Names Ending In Tine Greek
Ting Slim, Graceful Chinese
Tiombe Shy African
Tiponya Great Horned Owl Native American
Tirza Pleasantness Hebrew
Tirzah Delight Hebrew
Tisha Diminutive Of Patricia Latin
Titania Land Of Giants Greek
Tiva Dance Native American
Tivona Lover Of Nature Hebrew
Tobit Good Hebrew
Toki Time Of Opportunity Japanese
Tolinka Coyote's Ear Native American
Tolla Worthy Of Praise Polish
Tomai Honoring Thomas Greek
Toni Worthy Of Praise French
Tonya Worthy Of Praise Latin
Topanga Where The Mountain Meets The Sea Native American
Tori From Torrance Or Victoria American
Torie Victorious, American
Toril Female Warrior Scandinavian
Tosca From Tuscany, Italy Latin
Totie Gift Of God English
Tova Good Hebrew
Tovah Good Hebrew
Tovi Beloved Hebrew
Toyah Toy Scandinavian
Traci Brave English
Trang Page Vietnamese
Tranquilla Calm, Tranquil Spanish
Trella From Estrella (Star) Spanish
Tress Long Hair English
Treva Homestead Near The Sea English
Tricia Noble Woman Latin
Trina From Katarina Slavic
Trinh Pure Vietnamese
Trini The Trinity Latin
Trinity Holy Three American
Trish From Patricia American
Trisha Of Noble Descent Latin
Trista Sad Celtic/Gaelic
Tristana Sad Latin
Tristessa Sad Woman Latin
Triveni Three Sacred Rivers Hindi
Trixie Bringer Of Joy American
Truda Warrior Woman Polish
Trude From Gertrude German
Trudy Adored Warrior German
Trula TRUE German
Truly TRUE English
Tryna Third Greek
Tryphena Delicate Greek
Tulia Destined For Glory Spanish
Tuwa Earth Native American
Tuyen Angel Vietnamese
Tuyet Snow Vietnamese
Twila Third English
Twyla Third English
Tyanne From Tyrus & Anne American
Tynice Not Available American
Tyra God Of Battle Scandinavian
Tyronica Goddess Of Battle African-American

This was the list of girl names starting with T, more names will be added soon