Girl Names That Start with W

List of girl names that start with W for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Wakanda Possesses Magical Powers Native American
Walda Ruler German
Walta Shield African
Wan Gentle, Gracious Chinese
Wanda A Slender, Young Tree German
Wauna Singing Snow Goose Native American
Waverly Quaking Aspen English
Wei Valuable Chinese
Wenda White Wave Welsh
Wendi From Gwendolyn Welsh
Wendy White Skinned Welsh
Wilda Untamed German
Wilhelmina Desire To Protect German
Willa Protector Latin
Willow From The Willow Tree English
Wilma Protector German
Wilmet Protector German
Wilona Hoped For English
Wind Moving Air American
Winda Hunter Swahili
Winifred Friend Of Peace Celtic/Gaelic
Winola Gracious Friend German
Winona First Born Native American
Winta Desire African
Wren Small Bird English
Wyanet Beautiful Native American
Wynona From The Name Winona Native American
Wynonna Oldest Daughter Native American

This was the list of girl names starting with W, more names will be added soon