Girl Names That Start with X

List of girl names that start with X for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Xalvadora Savior Spanish
Xantara Protector Of The Earth American
Xanthe Blonde, Yellow Greek
Xaria Gift Of Love (Zaria) American
Xaviera Owner Of A New House Spanish
Xaviere New House French
Xena Hospitable Greek
Xenia Hospitable Greek
Xexilia Blind American
Xhosa South African Tribe African
Xia Glow Of The Sunrise Chinese
Xia He Summer Lotus Chinese
Xiang Fragrant Chinese
Xin Qian Happy, Beautiful Chinese
Xinavane Spread, Propagate African
Xiomara Ready For Battle Spanish
Xiu Elegant, Beautiful Chinese
Xiu Juan Elegant, Graceful Chinese
Xolani Please Forgive African
Xue Snow Chinese
Xue Fang Fragrant Snow Chinese
Xuxa Queen Spanish
Xylia From The Forest Greek

This was the list of girl names starting with X, more names will be added soon