Girl Names That Start with Y

List of girl names that start with Y for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Yachi Eight Thousand Japanese
Yama Mountain Japanese
Yamin Right Hand Hebrew
Yamka Budding Flower Native American
Yan Pretty Colors / Swallow Bird Chinese
Yana He Answers Hebrew
Yanka God Is Good Slavic
Yasmin A Flower In The Olive Family Persian
Yatima Orphan African
Yauvani Full Of Youth Hindi
Yeardley Of The Yard English
Yelena Light Portuguese
Yepa Winter Princess Native American
Yessica Wealthy Hebrew
Yetta Short For Henrietta Hebrew
Yetty Ruler Of The Household African-American
Yeva Life-Enhancing Slavic
Yi Happy Chinese
Yihana Congratulations African
Yitta Light Hebrew
Yoko Positive Child Japanese
Yoland Violet Flower French
Yolanda Violet Flower Greek
Yoninah Little Dove Hebrew
Yori Reliable Japanese
Yoruba People In Nigeria African
Yoshe Beauty Japanese
Yoshiko Good Child Japanese
Yoshino Respectful, Good Japanese
Yovela Full Of Joy Hebrew
Yuki Snow Or Lucky Japanese
Yvette Form Of Yvonne French
Yvonne From Eve And Anna French

This was the list of girl names starting with Y, more names will be added soon