Greek Names

Greek boys, girls and unisex names with meaning for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Sex
Acacia Thorny F
Accalia Mythical Greek Name F
Adonia Greek Goddess F
Adonis Beautiful M
Agalia Bright Joy F
Agamemnon Resolute M
Agatha Virtuous, Good F
Aglaia Brilliance F
Airlia Ethereal F
Ajax Strong Warrior M
Alannis From Atlanta F
Alec Protector Of Men M
Aleta Truthful One F
Aletha Truthful One F
Alethea Truthful One F
Alex Protector Of Mankind U
Alexa Protector Of Mankind F
Alexander Protector Of Mankind M
Alexandra Protector Of Mankind F
Alexandria Defender Of Mankind F
Alexia Defender Of Mankind F
Alexis Protector Of Mankind U
Alice Truth, Noble F
Alisa Rational F
Alisha Truth, Noble F
Alpha First Born F
Althea Healer F
Alvis Thor's Daughter F
Alyssa Rational F
Amara Eternal F
Amaryllis Fresh Flower F
Ambrose Immortal M
Anastacia Variant Of Anastasia-Reborn F
Anastasia Resurrection F
Anatola From The East F
Andra Strong & Courageous F
Andrea Courageous U
Andreas Strong & Manly M
Andrew Manly, Courageous M
Andromeda Rescued F
Andy Manly M
Anemone Breath F
Angel Angelic U
Anneliese Consecrated And Gracious F
Anstice One Who Will Rise Again F
Anthea Flowerlike F
Anthony Worthy Of Praise M
Antonia Praiseworthy F
Aphrodite Goddess Of Love F
Apollo God Of Truth And Light M
Appollo God Of The Sun M
Aqua Of The Water F
Aradia Goddess Of Witches F
Ardelis Industrious F
Aretha Virtuous F
Ariadne Holy F
Ariana Holy F
Arianna Holy F
Aric Form Of Richard Or Eric M
Arissa Best F
Arista Best F
Artemas Safe M
Artemis Goddess Of The Moon And Hunt U
Artemus Of The Moon U
Asasia Form Of Acacia F
Asia Resurrection F
Aspasia Lily F
Astra From The Stars F
Astro Of The Stars M
Atalanta Mighty Huntress F
Atalo Youthful M
Athena Goddess Of Wisdom & War F
Aurelia Golden F
Aurora Goddess Of The Dawn F
Ava Like A Bird F
Avel Breath M
Balthasar One Of The 3 Kings M
Barnabas Son Of A Missionary M
Basil Like A King M
Bedros Stone M
Berdine Bright Maiden F
Beryl Green Jewel F
Caesar Long-Haired M
Calandra Singing Bird F
Calantha Like A Lovely Blossom F
Calista Beautiful F
Calix Very Handsome M
Calixte Very Beautiful F
Calla Beauty F
Callia Beautiful F
Callie Beautiful F
Calliope One With Beautiful Voice F
Callista Most Beautiful F
Candace Fire White, Pure F
Candice Fire White F
Candra Pure And Chaste F
Cardea Goddess Of Protecting The Home F
Carina Dear One F
Carissa Beloved F
Carlyn Small And Womanly F
Carolos Strong, Manly M
Cassandra Prophet F
Cassia Cinnamon F
Cassie From Cassandra- Prophetess F
Cate Pure F
Catherine Pure, Virginal F
Cathy Pure F
Cerelia Goddess Of The Harvest F
Ceres Goddess Of The Corn U
Charis Grace F
Charisma Personal Power, Attraction F
Chezarina From The Name Cesar F
Chloe Verdant And Blooming F
Chloris Pale F
Chris Short For Christopher Or Christine U
Christina Christ-Bearer F
Christine Christ-Bearer F
Christopher Christ-Bearer M
Cicada Loud Insect Of The Night F
Cicero The Historian M
Cindy From The Name Cynthia F
Cirila Lordly F
Ciro Ancient Egyptian Wind M
Clea From The Name Cleo F
Cleantha In Praise Of Flowers F
Cleatus Illustrious M
Cleo To Praise, Acclaim F
Cleopatra Glory Of The Father F
Cleta Diminutive Of Cleopatra F
Clio From The Name Cleo F
Cloris Flower Goddess F
Colista Most Beautiful F
Constantine Firm, Constant M
Cora Heart, Maiden F
Coralia Like Coral F
Coriander Romance, Spice U
Corinna Maiden F
Corinthia From Corinth F
Corydon Lark M
Cosima Universe, Harmony F
Cosmo The Universe M
Cy From The Name Cyril M
Cybil Soothsayer F
Cybill Soothsayer F
Cyd A Public Hill U
Cyma Flourish F
Cynara From The Island Of Zinara F
Cyndi From The Name Cynthia F
Cynthia The Moon Personified F
Cyril Lordly M
Cytheria Goddess Of Love F
Dahlia Flower Named For Botanist A. Dahl F
Dalia A Branch, Bough F
Dalila Water Bearer F
Damaris Gentle, Mild F
Damia Goddess Of Forces Of Nature F
Damian Sweet And Harmless M
Damien Sweet And Harmless M
Damon Constant,Loyal M
Daphne Laurel Tree F
Dard Son Of Zeus M
Daria Affluent, Wealthy F
Darius Wealthy M
Darrius He Who Upholds The Good M
Dasha Gift Of God F
Dawn Diana, Sunrise F
Dea Goddess F
Delia From The Name Cordelia F
Della Of The Nobility F
Delphina Little Flower F
Delphine From The Flower F
Delta Mouth Of A River F
Demeter Lover Of The Earth F
Demetra Goddess Of Fertility F
Demetria Goddess Of Fertility F
Demetrius Goddess Of Fertility M
Demi Half, Small F
Demitrius Lover Of The Earth M
Dennis Wild, Frenzied M
Deo Godlike M
Desdemona Of The Devil F
Desma Pledge, Bond F
Despina Young Lady, Miss F
Dessa Roaming F
Diana Divine F
Dianne Celestial Hunter F
Diantha Divine Flower F
Dianthe Flower Of The Gods F
Dinos Diminutive Of Constantine M
Dion God Of Wine And Revelry U
Dionysius God Of Wine & Revelry M
Dora Gift F
Dorcas A Gazelle F
Dore A Gift F
Dori Gift F
Doria From The Name Dorian F
Dorian From The Sea U
Doris Sea F
Dorothea From The Name Dorothy F
Dorothy Gift Of God F
Dory Gift Of God F
Dot Gift Of God F
Dotty Gift Of God F
Drea Courageous F
Drew Manly And Courageous U
Dunixi God Of Wine U
Dysis Sunset F
Echo Sound Returned U
Edeline Born Into Nobility F
Effie Melodious Talk F
Egan Little Fire M
Elaina Form Of Helen F
Elani Light F
Eleanor Light F
Electra The Shining One F
Elena Light F
Ellen Light F
Ellie Light F
Elpida Hope F
Epifanio One Who Gives Light M
Erasmus To Love M
Erimentha Collector Of Thoughts, Determined Protector F
Eris Goddess Of Strife F
Erma Universal, Whole F
Ermin Universal, Whole M
Eros God Of Love M
Esme Emerald F
Esmeralda Emerald F
Euclid Intelligent M
Eudora Honored Gift F
Eugene Well Born M
Eugenia Well Born F
Eulalia Well Spoken F
Eulalie Sweet Talk F
Eunice Happy, Victorious F
Euphemia Spoken Well Of F
Euridice Justice F
Eurydice Greek Mythological Figure F
Eustacia Fruitful F
Evadne Greek Mythological Figure F
Evangelia Bringer Of Good News F
Evangeline Good News F
Evania Tranquil F
Evanthe Flower F
Fauna Goddess Of Fertility F
Faustus Lucky M
Fedora Divine Gift F
Filia Friendship F
Flavian Yellow, Blonde M
Galatea White F
Galen Healer, Calm M
Galena Healer F
Gamma Third Letter Of Greek Alphabet F
Geordi Hill Near Meadows M
George Farmer M
Georgia Farmer F
Ghita Pearl F
Giles Baby Goat M
Greg From The Name Gregory M
Gregg From The Name Gregory M
Gregory Vigilant,, Watchful M
Greta From The Name Margaret F
Gretchen From The Name Margaret F
Griffin Mythological Beast M
Gryphon Mythological Beast U
Gryta Pearl F
Haldis Stone Spirit U
Hali Sea F
Hector Anchor, Steadfast M
Helaine From The Name Helen F
Helen Light F
Helena From The Name Helen F
Helene From The Name Helen F
Helia Sun F
Heller The Sun F
Hera Goddess Of Maternity F
Hercules Glorious Gift M
Hermione Earthy F
Hero Brave Defender U
Hesper Evening Star F
Hester Star F
Hestia Goddess Of The Hearth F
Hiero Holy M
Hilary Cheerful U
Hillary Cheerful U
Homer Promise M
Hosanna Praise! F
Hyacinth The Flower F
Hypatia Intellectually Superior Woman F
Ianthe Violet, Colored Flower F
Idola Vision F
Iliana Bright F
Ilithya Goddess Of Women In Labor F
Illias Jehovah Is My God M
Ina Pure F
Iona Purple Jewel F
Iphigenia Mythological Creature F
Iren Peace F
Irene Peaceful F
Iris Colorful, Rainbow F
Isaura Soft Air F
Jacinda Beautiful, F
Jason Healer M
Jerry Holy M
Jocasta Cheerful F
Jola Pretty F
Julian Youthful M
Julius Youthful M
Juno Goddess Of Marriage & Childbirth U
Kacia Thorny F
Kairos Last Born Goddess F
Kalare Clear, Bright F
Kalista Most Beautiful One F
Kalonice Beauty's Victory F
Kalyca Rosebud F
Karan Pure M
Karen Pure F
Kari Pure Of Heart F
Karin Pure F
Karis Graceful F
Karlyn Little And Womanly F
Karsten Anointed One U
Katharine Pure, Virginal F
Katherine Pure, Virginal F
Katina Pure, Unsullied F
Kay Rejoice F
Kineta Full Of Energy F
Kiril Lordly One M
Kirsten The Annointed F
Kolina Pure F
Koren Maiden F
Korene Maiden F
Kori Girl F
Kristin Consecrated To God F
Kristine Christ-Bearer F
Kristopher Christbearer M
Kristy Christ-Bearer F
Kyna Family, Kin F
Kynthia Moon F
Kyra Ruler F
Kyria Ladylike F
Kyros Leader, Master M
Lali Well Spoken F
Lalita She Who Plays F
Lara Cheerful F
Larissa Cheerful F
Latona Goddess Name F
Leander Man Of Lions M
Leda Mother Creator F
Ledell Spartan Queen F
Lenore Light F
Leonora Light F
Lethia Forgetfulness F
Lex A Word U
Lexi Protector Of Mankind F
Lilika Lily Flower F
Linore From Lenore F
Livvy From The Name Oliver F
Lotus The Flower F
Lycoris Twilight F
Lydia A Maiden From Lydia, Greece F
Lyric Melodic Word U
Lyris A Harp Or Lyre F
Lysander One Who Is Freed M
Lysandra One Who Is Freed F
Macaria Blessed F
Madelia High Tower F
Madeline High Tower F
Madelyn High Tower F
Madge Pearl F
Magan Pearl U
Magdalen High Tower F
Maia Mother F
Maida High Tower F
Mala High Tower F
Malinda Honey F
Malissa Honey Bee F
Maris Of The Sea F
Marjorie Pearl F
Marla High Tower F
Marlas High Tower U
Mateo Devoted To God M
Matthias God's Gift M
Maximos Greatest M
Maximus Greatest M
Maya Mother F
Medea Goddess/Sorceress F
Media Communication F
Megara Pearl F
Melaney Dark F
Melanie Dark-Skinned F
Melanion Color M
Melantha Dark Violet F
Melba Thin Skinned F
Melina Bright Yellow F
Melinda Honey F
Melissa A Honey Bee F
Melody Song-Like F
Metea Gentle F
Miles Soldier M
Millicent Ambitious F
Mimis Goddess Of Harvest F
Mindy Honey F
Mona Royal F
Monica Advisor F
Morpheus God Of Dreams M
Moses Drawn Out Of The Water M
Myles Soldier U
Myron Fragrant Balm M
Myrtle The Tree/Victory F
Naiya Water Nymph F
Nani Charming F
Nara Happy F
Natasha Rebirth-From Anastacia F
Nell Stone F
Nellis Light F
Nelly Stone F
Neola New F
Neona New Moon F
Nerina Sea Nymph F
Nestor Traveller M
Nicholas Victorious People M
Nichole Victorious F
Nick Victorious People M
Nicki From The Name Nicole F
Nicodemus Conqueror Of The People M
Nike Victorious
Nikkos Victorious People M
Nitsa Light F
Nora Light F
Nox Goddess Of The Night U
Nyla Winner F
Nysa A New Beginning F
Obelia Needle F
Ocean Sea F
Oceana From The Sea F
Octavius The Eighth M
Odele Wealthy, Melody F
Odelia I Will Praise God F
Odysseus Full Of Wrath M
Ollie From The Name Oliver M
Olympia Mountain Of The Gods F
Omega Last U
Ophelia Helper F
Ophira Gold F
Orane Rising U
Orea Mountains F
Orestes Mountain Man M
Orion A Hunter In Greek Mythology U
Osanna Praise! F
Osias Salvation M
Othello Prosperous M
Otis One Who Hears Well M
Pallas Understanding U
Pam Honey F
Pamela Honey F
Pamelia Covered With Honey F
Pandora Gifted F
Panthea Of All Gods F
Parrish Neighborhood U
Pasha To Pass Over, Born On Easter U
Pat Of Noble Descent U
Patia Intellectually Superior F
Pax Peace U
Pearly A Jewel F
Pelagia Sea F
Pello Stone M
Penelope Dream Weaver F
Penney Silent Worker (From Penelope) F
Pennie Silent Worker (From Penelope) F
Penny Silent Worker (From Penelope) F
Peony Physician Of The Gods F
Peri Lives In The Mountains F
Persephone Daughter Of Demetra F
Pete Rock M
Peter A Rock M
Petra Small Rock F
Phaedra Glowing F
Phil Lover Of Horses M
Phila Love F
Philana Lover Of Mankind F
Philander Lover Of Mankind M
Philantha Lover Of Flowers F
Philena Lover Of Mankind F
Philip Lover Of Horses M
Philippa Loving - Feminine Of Phillip F
Phillip Lover Of Horses M
Phillipa Lover Of Horses
Philomena Loving F
Philyra To Love Music F
Phoebe Bright, Shining One F
Phoenix Rising Bird U
Phylicia Fortunate F
Phyliss Green Leaf F
Phyllis Green Leaf F
Pirro Red-Haired U
Plato Strong Shoulders M
Pomona Apple F
Psyche The Soul F
Pyralis Of Fire U
Qamra Moon F
Rhea Rivers F
Rhoda Roses - From Rhodes F
Rhodes Field Of Roses U
Rhonda Powerful River F
Rose Of The Rose Blossom F
Roseanne Graceful Rose F
Rue Herb Of Grace F
Saba Seventh Daughter F
Salus Goddess Of Health U
Sanders Son Of Alexander M
Sandra Helper Of Humanity F
Sandy From The Name Alexander U
Santos Saint M
Sapphire From The Gem F
Seema Sprout F
Selena The Moon F
Selina Moon F
Sema Divine Omen F
Sherise From The Name Charisse F
Sirius Sparkling, Scorching M
Socrates Ancient Philosopher M
Solaris Of The Sun U
Solstice Sun Exposure F
Sondra Helper/Defender Of Mankind F
Sophia Wisdom F
Sophie Wisdom - Diminutive Of Sophia F
Spiro Spiral M
Spyridon Round Basket M
Stacey Resurrection F
Stacie Resurrection F
Stavros Crowned With Wreath M
Stefanie Crowned One F
Stephan Crowned One M
Stephanie From Stefanos - Crown F
Stephen Crowned One M
Steve From The Name Steven M
Steven Crowned One M
Sybil Prophet F
Tamesis Goddess Of The River F
Tanith Goddess Of Love F
Tannis Hide Tanner U
Tasha Born On Christmas F
Tassos Harvester M
Teigra Tiger F
Telly Wise, Best U
Telma Ambitious F
Terri Harvester F
Tertius The Third M
Tessa Gatherer F
Thad Praise M
Thaddeus Praise M
Thadeus Form Of Thaddeus M
Thady Praise U
Thais The Bond F
Thalassa The Sea F
Thalia Joyful F
Thanos Bear And Man M
Thea Gift Of God F
Thelma Ambitious F
Theo Divine Gift M
Theodora From Theodore F
Theodore Divine Gift M
Theola Divine F
Theophilia Loved Divinely F
Theophilus Loved By God M
Theresa Harvester F
Theresia City In Ancient Greece F
Theron Hunter U
Theta Greek Letter F
Thetis Mythical Creature F
Thina Wise F
Thisbe Lover F
Thom A Twin M
Thomas A Twin M
Thyra A Window Or Goddess Of Dawn F
Tiana Princess F
Tiffany Three, The Trinity F
Tim To Honor God M
Timothy To Honor God M
Tina Short For Names Ending In Tine F
Titania Land Of Giants F
Titus Giant M
Tom A Twin M
Tomai Honoring Thomas F
Tryna Third F
Tryphena Delicate F
Tymon Priase The Lord M
Urania Heavenly F
Urian From Heaven M
Ursala Little Bear F
Vanessa Butterfly F
Vangie Bearer Of Good News F
Varvara Stranger F
Vasilis Kingly M
Velma Protector F
Venetia Woman Of Venice F
Venus Goddess Of Love F
Vernados Courage Of A Bear M
Vilmaris Protector From The Sea F
Vitalis Life M
Xander From Alexander M
Xanthe Blonde, Yellow F
Xanthus Blonde, Yellow M
Xanto Blond Haired M
Xena Hospitable F
Xenia Hospitable F
Xenon Stranger M
Xenophon Strange Voice U
Xenos Guest M
Xylia From The Forest F
Xylon Lives In The Forest U
Yolanda Violet Flower F
Zaccheus Innocent M
Zale Sea Strength U
Zander From Alexander M
Zandra Defender Of All F
Zanthe Light Blond F
Zelia Zeal F
Zena Hospitable F
Zenas Generous U
Zenia Hospitable F
Zeno Sign M
Zenon Stranger Var. Of Xenon U
Zephyr Strong Wind U
Zeus Powerful One M
Zoe Life F
Zoey Life F
Zoie Life F

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