Hebrew Names

Hebrew boys, girls and unisex names with meaning for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Sex
Aaliyah Ascender F
Aaron Enlightened; To Sing M
Abbie Father Of Joy F
Abbott Father M
Abby God Is Joy F
Abe Father Of A Multitude M
Abel A Breath M
Abie God Is Joy U
Abigail God Is Joy F
Abner Father Of Light M
Abra Mother Of Many F
Abraham Father Of A Multitude M
Abram High Father M
Abrianna Mother Of Many Nations F
Absolom My Father Is Peace M
Adah Beautiful Addition F
Adam Mankind M
Adamina The Earth F
Aden Handsome, Adorned M
Aderes Cape F
Name Meanings Gender
Adin Beautiful, Adorned F
Adina Beautiful, Adorned F
Adlai God Is Just M
Adli Just, Wise M
Admon Red Peony Flower M
Adonai My Lord M
Ahava Cherished One F
Ailish Consecrated To God F
Ailsa Consecrated To God F
Aizza Life F
Akiva Protected F
Alessa Noble One F
Alia Noble, Descender F
Alijah The Lord Is My God M
Alissa Truth, Noble F
Aliya Defender F
Aliza Joyful F
Alize Joyful F
Amaris Promised By God F
Amiel God Of My People U
Amir Proclaimed, Prince M
Amos Troubled M
Anais Graceful F
Ann Gracious F
Anna Gracious F
Anne Gracious F
Annie Blessed With Grace F
Annot Light F
Ardice Flowering Field F
Ardith Flowering Field F
Arella Angel F
Ari Lion U
Ariel Lion Of God U
Ariella Lion Of God F
Arielle Lion Of God F
Arien Enchanted U
Arin Enlightened F
Arion With Melody U
Arnon Stream, River U
Aron To Sing M
Ashby Ash Tree Farm U
Asher Blessed, Happy M
Atara Crown, Blessed F
Ataret Crown, Blessed F
Athalia God Is Exalted F
Atira Prayer F
Avidan God Is Just M
Avinoam Blessed Father U
Avital Father Of Dew M
Aviv Spring, Renewal M
Aviva Joyful Spring F
Aya Bird F
Ayala A Female Deer - (Doe) F
Ayla The Oak Tree F
Azra Pure U
Azriel God Is My Aid U
Barak Lightning M
Bart Son Of Tolmai M
Barth Son Of Tolmai M
Bartholemew Hill, Furrow M
Bartholomew Son Of Tolmai M
Baruch Blessed M
Bathsheba Seventh Daughter F
Becca Bound F
Becka From The Name Rebecca F
Becky Bound F
Ben Son Of M
Benjamin Son Of My Right Hand M
Benjy Son Of My Right Hand M
Benny Son Of My Right Hand M
Benson Son Of Benjamin M
Bess From The Name Elizabeth F
Bessie Consecrated To God F
Beth From The Name Elizabeth F
Bethany Life-Town Near Jerusalem F
Bethesda House Of Mercy F
Betsy Consecrated To God F
Bettina Consecrated To God F
Betty Consecrated To God F
Beulah Married F
Bluma A Flower, Bloom F
Bo Strong And Fast U
Boaz Swift, Strong M
Bracha A Blessing F
Breindel Blessing U
Cain Craftsman U
Caine Spear Hunter U
Cale Form Of Caleb M
Caleb Faithful, Bold M
Carmela Garden F
Cayla Crown Of Laurel F
Chaim To Life M
Chana Gracious F
Chava Life F
Chaviva Beloved F
Coby Supplanter U
Dagan Grain Of Corn U
Dalit Draw Water M
Dan From The Name Daniel M
Danelle God Is My Judge F
Dani My Judge F
Danica Morning Star F
Daniel God Is My Judge M
Danielle God Is My Judge F
Dannon From Daniel-Judged By God M
Danyl From The Name Daniel M
Dara Compassionate F
Dava Beloved F
Dave From The Name David M
David Beloved M
Davida From The Name David F
Deana As Dina -God Has Judged F
Debbie From The Name Deborah F
Debby From The Name Deborah F
Deborah Honey Bee F
Debra From The Name Deborah F
Deena Valley (From Dinah) F
Delila Hair Or Poor F
Delilah Night F
Dena Valley Or Vindicated F
Denna Glen, Valley F
Derora Running Streams F
Devorah Honey Bee F
Devorit Form Of Deborah F
Dina God Has Judged F
Dinah Judgment F
Diza Joyous F
Eben Rock M
Eden Paradise U
Edna Spirit Renewed F
Efrain Fertile M
Efrat Honored, Distinguished M
Efrem From The Name Ephraim M
Eitan Strong And Staunch M
Elam Highlands U
Elan Tree U
Eleazar God Has Helped M
Eli From The Name Elijah M
Elia Form Of Elijah F
Elijah The Lord Is My God M
Eliora God Is My Light F
Elisabeth Concecrated To God F
Elisha God Is Gracious M
Eliza From The Name Elizabeth F
Elizabeth Consecrated To God F
Eljah Form Of Elijah M
Elkan Belonging To God M
Elliott Close To God M
Ellis From The Name Elijah U
Elspeth Consecrated To God F
Ely Form Of Eli M
Elyse Consecreted To God F
Emanuel God Is With Us M
Emmanuel From The Name Emanuel M
Enoch Dedicated M
Enye Grace F
Ephraim Very Fruitful M
Erelah Holy Messenger F
Eron Peace, Enlightened M
Ester From The Name Esther F
Esther Star F
Etan Steady M
Etana Dedication, Strength F
Ethan Firm, Strong M
Eva Giver Of Life F
Eve Life F
Evie Life F
Eyal Strength M
Ezekiel Strength Of God M
Ezra Helper M
Fanchon Free, Whimsical F
Feivel God Assists M
Fruma One Who Is Religious F
Gabby From The Name Gabrielle F
Gabe From The Name Gabriel M
Gabi From The Name Gabriela F
Gabriel Hero Of God M
Gabrielle Hero Of God F
Gaby From The Name Gabrielle F
Gada Lucky F
Gafna Vine F
Gail Short For Abigail F
Gaille Merry F
Gali Fountain M
Galia God Has Redeemed F
Galya God Has Redeemed F
Ganit Defender M
Ganya Garden Of The Lord F
Gavrila God Is My Strength F
Gavrilla Heroine F
Gayle From The Name Gail F
Gayora Valley Of Sun F
Gazit Hewn Stone F
Gefen Vine F
Gelilah Rolling Hills F
Gella One With Golden Hair F
Genesis Beginning F
Geona Glorify F
Gershom A Stranger There M
Gideon Great Warrior M
Gil Joy M
Gilead Biblical Place Name M
Gili My Joy, Rejoice F
Gilon Circle M
Gitel Good F
Gittel Good F
Giuseppe Form Of Joseph M
Giza Hewn Stone F
Gur Baby Lion M
Gurit Innocent Baby F
Hadassah Myrtle Tree F
Ham Hot M
Hanna Goddess Of Life F
Hannah Grace Of God F
Hannibal Baal Has Favored M
Hedia Voice Of The Lord F
Hedva Joy F
Hedya From The Name Hedia F
Heman Faithful M
Herschel Deer M
Hila Aura - Halo F
Hinda Female Deer F
Hosea Salvation M
Hyman Life M
Ichabod Departed Glory M
Idra Fig Tree F
Ike From The Name Isaac M
Ikia God Is My Salvation F
Ilana Great Tree F
Ilyssa Rational F
Ira Watchful, Descendant M
Iram Shining M
Isaac He Will Laugh M
Isaiah Salvation By God M
Isha Woman F
Ishmael God Will Hear M
Ismael God Will Hear M
Ismaela God Listens F
Ismail God Will Hear M
Israel Prince Of God M
Ivria From The Other Side Of The River F
Ivrit The Hebrew Language M
Izzy He Will Laugh M
Jacob Supplanter M
Jacoba Supplant F
Jada Wise U
Jaden God Has Heard U
Jadon God Has Heard M
Jadyn God Has Heard F
Jael Prominent F
Jaiden God has heard U
Jake From The Name Jacob M
James Supplanter U
Janae Form Of Janet F
Janice God Is Gracious F
Japheth He Expands M
Jarah Sweetness U
Jared Down To Earth M
Jariath Tributary Lord M
Jaron Singing M
Jarrett From The Name Jared M
Javan Son Of Japtheh M
Javen Son Of Japheth M
Jeb Beloved Friend M
Jebediah Beloved Friend M
Jed Friend Of God M
Jedidiah Friend Of God M
Jemima A Dove F
Jenis Genesis The Beginning F
Jens God Is Gracious M
Jered From Jared M
Jeremiah Sent By God M
Jeremy God Will Uplift M
Jerod Descendant M
Jerrick From Jericho M
Jerrod Down To Earth M
Jerusha Inheritance F
Jess Wealthy U
Jesse God Exists U
Jessica Wealthy F
Jessie From The Name Jessica F
Jethro Outstanding, Excellent M
Jezebel Impure F
Jim From The Name James M
Jo Nickname For Names Starting With Jo U
Joachim God Will Establish M
Joan From The Name Joanne F
Job Afflicted One M
Jodie Grace Of God F
Joe From The Name Joseph M
Joel God Is Willing M
Joella Lord Is Willing F
Joey From The Name Joseph M
John God Is Gracious, Merciful M
Johnathan Gift Of God M
Johnda God Is Gracious F
Johnna Consecrated To God F
Johnny From The Name John M
Jon God Is Gracious M
Jonah A Dove M
Jonas Accomplishing M
Jonathan Gift Of God M
Jonathon Gift Of God M
Jonny From The Name John M
Jordan Descendant U
Jordana Descending F
Josef God Will Increase M
Joseph God Will Increase M
Josh God Saves M
Joshua Jehovah Saves M
Joshwa God Saves M
Josiah Fire of the Lord M
Juana God Is Beneficent F
Jubal Ram M
Jud Praised M
Judah Praised M
Judd Praised M
Jude One Who Is Praised U
Judith From Judah F
Judy From Judah F
Kalb Faithful, Bold M
Kaleb From Caleb-Faithful, Bold M
Karmina Song, Songstress F
Katriel God Is My Crown F
Kedem Old, Ancient M
Keilah Citadel F
Kenaz Bright M
Kenya Animal Horn F
Keren Name F
Kezia From Ketzia- Tree Bark F
Keziah Daughter Of Job F
Kitra Crowned F
Kizzy Cinnamon U
Kobe Supplanter M
Kochava Star F
Kuper Copper M
Laban White M
Lael Of God F
Lavey From The Name Levi U
Lavi Lion U
Lazarus God Will Help M
Lea Meadow F
Leah Weary F
Leia Weary F
Lemuel Devoted To God M
Lena Illustrious F
Lev Heart M
Levi United - As One M
Levia Combine Forces F
Lia Weary F
Liana My God Has Answered F
Libba From The Name Elizabeth F
Libby Consecreted To God F
Liora Light F
Lirit Musical Grace U
Lisa Consecrated To God F
Lisbet From The Name Elizabeth F
Livana Lunar F
Livia From The Name Olivia F
Liza Consecrated To God F
Lizbeth From The Name Elizabeth F
Lois Good F
Lot Hidden M
Mahola Dance F
Malachi My Messenger M
Malha Queen F
Malina Tower, Soothing F
Manuel God In Us M
Manuela God Is With Us F
Mara Bitter Sea F
Maree From Mary Or Marie F
Mari Wished-For Child F
Mariam Wished-For Child F
Marilyn Descendants Of Mary F
Marion From The Name Mary And Anna U
Marlin Bitter U
Marnin Joy Giver U
Marnina Rejoice F
Martha Lady F
Mary Bitter F
Matana Blessing F
Matt From The Name Matthew M
Matthew God's Gift M
Meir One Who Shines M
Meira Light F
Mendel Scholarly Accomplishments M
Menora Candelabra F
Micah Who Is Like God M
Michael Who Is Like God? M
Michon Who Is Like God U
Micol Queen F
Mike Who Is Like God? M
Mili Virtuous? F
Mireille God Has Spoken F
Mirella Jehovah Spoke F
Mireya Got Has Spoken F
Miriam Mistress Of The Sea F
Mirit Bitter U
Moeshe Drawn Out Of The Water M
Molly Bitter F
Mordecai Warrior, Warlike M
Moriah God Is My Teacher F
Moshe From The Name Moses M
Naava Pleasant, Beautiful F
Naomi Delightful - Pleasant F
Nasya Miracle F
Nat Gift Of God M
Natania Gift Of God F
Nate Gift Of God M
Nathan Gift Of God M
Nathaniel Gift Of God M
Neorah Light F
Neviah Forcaster F
Niel From The Name Nathaniel U
Nili Pea Plant U
Nimrod Bowman M
Nira Loom F
Nitza Bud From A Flower F
Nizana Flower Bud F
Noah Rest, Peace M
Noam Pleasant Friend M
Nuri Flaming Lights U
Nuria God's Fire F
Oded Strong M
Odeda Strong F
Ofira Gold F
Ophrah Light F
Oprah Runaway F
Oralee Lord Is My Light F
Oren A Tree M
Orinda Pine Trees F
Orli The Light Is Mine F
Orly Light U
Ornice Cedar Tree M
Orpah Fawn F
Oz Strength U
Palti My Escape, Deliverance U
Phineas Loudmouth M
Raanan Fresh, New M
Rachael Innocent Lamb F
Rachel Innocent Lamb F
Radwan Delight M
Raechel Innocent Lamb F
Ranit Song F
Raphael God Has Healed M
Raphaela Feminine Form Of Raphael F
Razi Secret F
Reba From The Name Rebecca F
Rebecca Servant Of God F
Rebekah Bound F
Rebekkah To Tie Or Bind F
Rena Joy F
Reuben Behold - A Son M
Reuel Friend Of God F
Rimona Pomegranate F
Riva Bound, Riverbank F
Rivka Servant Of God F
Ronli Joy Is Mine F
Ronni From Ronli - Joyful F
Ruth A Companion, Friendship F
Sabra Cactus Fruit F
Sabrina Cactus Fruit F
Sally Form Of Sarah F
Salome Shalom/Welcome, Peace F
Sam God's Word U
Samantha Listener Of God F
Sammy Short For Samuel Or Samantha U
Samson Bright As The Sun M
Samuel God's Word M
Sara Princess F
Sarah Princess F
Sarai My Princess F
Sari Princess F
Sasson Joy U
Saul Borrowed M
Sela Rock F
Selah Pause And Reflect F
Selima Brings Comfort, Peace F
Seth Appointed M
Shaina Beautiful F
Shalom Peace - Hello U
Shamira Protector F
Shana God Is Gracious F
Shanae From Shana F
Sharis Flat Plain F
Sharne Desert Plain F
Sharon A Flat Clearing F
Shayna Beautiful F
Sheera A Song F
Sheri From Sharon F
Sherine From Sharon F
Sherri Beloved F
Sherry Beloved F
Shiloh Peaceful U
Shira A Song F
Shiri Song Of My Soul F
Shlomo Peaceful M
Shona Feminine Form Of John F
Shoshana Lily F
Shoshanah Rose F
Shubha Auspicious M
Simon It Is Heard M
Sivan June M
Solomon Peaceful M
Sonel Lily F
Susan Lily F
Susannah Lily F
Syshe Street U
Tabitha A Gazelle F
Tahlia Morning Dew F
Tal Morning Dew U
Talia Morning Dew F
Talitha Maiden, Child F
Talmai Mound M
Talor Morning Dew F
Tam Palm Tree F
Tamar From The Palm Tree M
Tamara A Spice Or Palm Tree F
Tamera A Spice Or Palm Tree F
Tamitha Twin F
Tamma Perfect F
Tammy From The Name Tamara F
Tamra A Spice Or Palm Tree F
Tavi Good U
Temira Tall F
Teva Nature U
Thadine The Praised F
Tirza Pleasantness F
Tirzah Delight F
Tivona Lover Of Nature F
Tobias God Is Great M
Tobit Good F
Toby The Lord Is Good U
Tova Good F
Tovah Good F
Tovi Beloved F
Toviel God Is Good U
Tuvya God's Goodness M
Uri My Light U
Uriah God Is My Light M
Uriel Angel Of Light M
Urit Light F
Vaschel Little Ash Tree M
Yaakov One Who Supplants M
Yadid Beloved M
Yael Strength Of God U
Yagil Celebrate M
Yair God Will Teach U
Yamin Right Hand F
Yana He Answers F
Yanni Gift Of God U
Yannis Gift Of God M
Yaphet Handsome M
Yaron Singing M
Yehuda Praise, Exalt M
Yehudah Exalt M
Yehudi A Man From Judah, A Jew M
Yered To Come Down M
Yeriel Founded By God U
Yeshaya God Lends M
Yessica Wealthy F
Yetta Short For Henrietta F
Yitro Plenty M
Yitta Light F
Yonah From The Name Jonah M
Yoninah Little Dove F
Yosef Form Of Joseph M
Yosefu From The Name Joseph M
Yovela Full Of Joy F
Yuval Brook M
Zac The Lord remembers M
Zach Remembrance Of The Lord M
Zacharee God Is Remembered F
Zachariah Remembered By The Lord M
Zachary Remembrance Of The Lord M
Zack Remembrance Of The Lord M
Zahar Morning Light F
Zahavah Golden One F
Zaide Elder F
Zalman Peaceful & Quiet M
Zamir Song Bird M
Zan Well Fed M
Zara Princess F
Zared Trap M
Zavad Present M
Zayit Olive F
Zaza Movement F
Zazu From The Name Zaza F
Zebulon Exalted/Honored M
Zed God Is Fair M
Zedekiah God Is Fair M
Zeke Strength Of God M
Zev Wolf M
Zion A Sign U
Zipporah Little Bird F
Ziv Very Bright M
Ziva Splendor F
Zoheret She Shines F
Zubin To Honor M
Zulema Peace F

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