Italian Names

Italian boys, girls and unisex names with meaning for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Sex
Adolfo Wolf M
Adrina Happiness F
Agostino Respectable M
Albina White-Skinned F
Alda Long Lived F
Alfonso Eager, Noble M
Angelina Little Angel F
Arabela Beautiful Altar F
Arabella Beautiful Altar F
Aria Melody F
Baldasarre Brave One M
Bambi Child F
Bellini From The Name Belle F
Benito Blessed M
Bona Good F
Camila Attendant F
Camilla Young, Virginal F
Carlotta Strong One F
Carmine Song M
Carolena Little And Womanly F
Cascata Waterfall F
Cianna God Is Gracious F
Cira Sun F
Cirocco Ancient Egyptian Wind M
Dino Little Sword M
Domani Tomorrow U
Donatella Beautiful Star F
Donato A Gift M
Draco Dragon M
Drago Dragon M
Emilio Form Of Emil M
Enrico Ruler Of The Household M
Fabian Bean Grower M
Fabiana Bean Farmer F
Fabiano Bean Farmer M
Fabiola Bean Grower F
Fausta Fortunate F
Faustine Lucky F
Feleti Peace M
Fico A Fig M
Fidelio Faithful M
Fiorella Little Flower F
Fiorello Little Floewr M
Fiorenza Flower F
Gaetan From Gaeta, Italy M
Gaetana From Gaeta F
Gaetane From Gaeta, F
Gaetano Region In Italy M
Gemma Precious Stone F
Gerodi Hero Or Hill M
Giacomo The Supplanter M
Giancarlo Gracious And Powerful M
Gianna God Is Gracious F
Gina Garden F
Ginata Flower F
Gino Born Noble M
Giolla Servant F
Giona A Dove U
Giorgio From The Name George M
Giovanna God Is Gracious F
Giovanni God Is Gracious M
Gitano Gypsy M
Giulia Youthful F
Giulio Youthful M
Gratia Grace F
Gratiana Grace F
Gualtier From The Name Walter M
Guido Forest Guide M
Gustavo Staff Of The Gods M
Ilario Cheerful M
Isabella Consecrated To God F
Ita Thirsty F
Italia Italy F
Lanza Noble And Eager F
Lave Burning Rock U
Lazzaro God Will Help M
Leo A Lion M
Leola Lioness F
Leonardo Like A Lion M
Leone Lion M
Lina Light F
Liona Lioness F
Luca Bringer Of Light U
Lucia Light F
Lucio Bringer Of Light M
Luigi Warrior M
Marco From The Name Marc M
Mario Sailor M
Massimo Greatest M
Matteo From Matthew M
Maurilio Moor M
Maurizio Moor, Dark Haired M
Mea Mine F
Melita Form Of Melissa F
Mistico Mystic F
Mita Myth F
Natalia Born On Christmas F
Nico Victorious People M
Nicola Feminine Form Of Nicholas F
Paola Small F
Paolo Small M
Pia Pious F
Placido Calm, Quiet M
Primo First Born M
Raffaello Basis For Name Raphael M
Rocio Dewdrops U
Rufina Red-Haired F
Ruggiero Famous Warrior M
Sabin From The Sabines U
Sal From The Name Salvador M
Salvatore Savior M
Sandro From Alexander M
Sienna Reddish Brown F
Sofia From The Name Sophia F
Speranza Hope F
Stella Star F
Terra Earth F
Tino Small M
Ugo Intelligence, Spirit M
Umberto Color Of Earth M
Valeria Strength, Valor F
Vera Truth F
Verdi Green F
Viola From The Name Violet F
Vita Life F
Vito Life M
Vittorio Conqueror M
Viviana Full Of Life F

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