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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the science and art of optimizing a keyword in such a way that the web page ranks high on search engines. In other words SEO is the technique to achieve an effective online presence and create brand awareness.

For example if your chosen keyword is 'weight loss' then you have to carryout SEO of that webpage so that when anybody search for the said keyword your website should be at top position. As a result more visitors will visit the webpage and increase your earning.

There are basically two types of SEO :

Yet other 2 kinds:

You can read about both the types by clicking on the links. Webmasters use White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO methods to achieve high ranking but the good webmasters adhere only to legal and ethical methods of optimizing their website.

What is SEO

On Page SEO

On-Page page or on-site SEO comprises of all those techniques, methods and ways which a webmaster uses on his site or blog to optimize it for search engines for the chosen keyword(s).

These are the things which are in the hands of a webmaster or a blogger.
On page SEO is to make certain changes to the website and includes (but not limited to):

These are some of the most popular on page SEO methods adopted by SEO professionals and webmasters

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO or off-site SEO includes the steps taken to optimize your site by taking support of search engines, other webmasters and bloggers. Off page SEO is basically getting backlinks from other websites.

It includes but not limited to:

These are some of the most popular off page SEO methods adopted by SEO professionals and webmasters.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO are the techniques and methods to rank a website high according to the guidelines stipulated by the search engines. This includes providing valuable content to the website visitors.

White hat SEO normally includes (but not limited to)

All the above methods and several others are considered to be white hat SEO techniques and are highly regarded by the search engines. Webmasters who develop their websites by keeping in view the above factors do achieve high ranking on SERP(S)

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is to rank a website high by using the methods and techniques that are against the terms of search engines guidelines. Black hat SEO is a bad way that is generally used by adopting illegal and un-ethical practices trying to deceive search engines to get better ranking on SERP(s).

Black hat SEO normally includes (but not limited to)

All the above methods and several others are considered to be black hat SEO techniques and are highly disregarded by the search engines. That is why search engines keep on changing and updating their algorithms to discourage black hat SEO methods adopted by some webmasters.

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