How To Apologize In English?

Everybody commits mistakes, if you have done so then you need to apologize from others and explain yourself. Ethically it is considered a good habit to apologize on your mistakes. If someone apologizes from you then you should show some politeness and accept the apologies.

Below are some of the expressions for such situation:

1. Apologizing

a. I’m sorry…….
b. I’m extremely sorry…..
c. I apologize, please forgive me…..
d. I’m terribly sorry, pardon me please…..
e. Apologies from my side….(if elder)
f. Please accept my apologies ….(if elder)
g. It’s my fault and I will not repeat it in future.
h. It won’t happen again, please pardon/forgive me.
i. I’ll be careful next time, please forgive me…..

2. Accepting Apologies

a. It’s okay, don’t bother….
b. No problem…it’s alright.
c. Don’t worry…it doesn’t matter at all.
d. Don’t bother at all….
e. That’s alright, don’t worry…..
f. Don’t feel bad about it…..

If you are really annoyed on somebody’s mistake and he says “I’m sorry”, then you can say “you should be…”. However try to avoid this phrase as it is to rude.

Sample Dialogue 1

A: I misunderstood you, I’m extremely sorry for that.
B: Don’t feel bad about it that isn't a big issue.

Sample Dialogue 2

A: Please accept my apology that was totally my fault.
B: I understand your feelings, don’t bother at all.


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