Asking About Preferences

How To Ask About Preferences?

Sometimes you have to ask your friends, family members and relatives that what is their preference about a certain matter or thing? OR the same can be asked from you.

Following phrases may be of help in such situations:

1. Asking About Preferences

a. Would you like to….
b. Which appeals more…….
c. Which would you prefer……
d. Do you prefer…..
e. What do you say….

2. Telling What You Prefer

a. My preference would always be……..
b. If it’s up to me, I’d like……..
c. Appeals to me more than……..
d. I’d prefer……
e. I think this appeal to me more…..

Sample Dialogue 1

A: Would you like to have coffee or tea?
B: If it’s up to me, I’d like to have tea.

Sample Dialogue 2

A: Which appeals more, red or blue?
B: Blue appeals to me more than red.

Sample Dialogue 3

A: Do you prefer to sleep or go to walk with me?
B: I’d prefer going with you on walk.


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