Asking For Information

How To Ask For Information?

In your daily conversation you need to ask people for some information. It can be about any official matter, something in the school or at home.

You may like to use following phrases to ask for information:

a. I’d like to know about…..
b. Could you tell me please….
c. Do you know…..
d. I’m interested to know……
e. I wonder if you/someone could tell me…..
f. May I ask you about…….
g. Any idea/clue about…….
Sample Dialogue 1
A: I’d like to know about your admission policy?
B: Okay, I’ll give you the brochure.
Sample Dialogue 2
A: Do you know where has Ayesha gone?
B: Yes, she has gone to the market.
Sample Dialogue 3
A: Could you please tell me where can I find Madam Ishrat?
B: Yes, she’ll be in the staff room.


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