Asking For Things

How To Ask For Things In English?

Asking for things is a common situation in your daily conversation. You definitely have to ask for things from your friends and relatives or for that matter any body. If you do it in a right way people will feel happy to lend their things to you.

Following phrases will help you to carry out a good conversation:

a. Could you give me…please?
b. Can you get me….please?
c. Could I have please…….?
d. Excuse me, could you tell me if…..
e. Do you know if…..
f. Do you have……
g. Excuse me, would you mind……

Use “please” and “thank you”

When asking for some thing or information use of words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ (with a smile) will make your work easy. The word ‘please’ is used at the end of the sentence:

“A Zong card please”.
“Can you give me directions to Clifton please?”

Say ‘thank you’ if somebody has given you something:

“Here is the packet… “Thank you”

Use “yes please” and “thank you”

If some one asks you a question and your answer is simple ‘yes’ or ‘ no’ then add ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ with your answer:

“Would you like to have a cup of tea?”
“Yes please, thank you.”

“Do you want more ice in your juice?”
“No, thank you.”

Use “excuse me”

If a person is doing something else and you need to interrupt him then you must use “excuse me” before asking a question.

“Excuse me, can you get me a bottle of Shezan.”
“Excuse me, do you have some other brands of cheese.”


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