Making Appointments

How To Schedule Appointments In English?

You have to meet people in your life. For this you need to set time and date convenient to both parties. Fixing dates and time to meet is known as scheduling appointments. It can be official and un official both.

Phrases below can help you to make good conversation for such situations:

1. Setting Time To Meet

a. What time would suit you?
b. Can we meet at 1500 hours (3 PM).
c. How does five in the evening sounds to you?
d. What is the best time for you?
e. Will morning suits you?
f. What time do you think will be appropriate?
g. Shall we meet at 10 tomorrow?
h. I feel comfortable at 11, how about you?

2. Asking To Meet

a. Can we meet on 15th march?
b. How about Wednesday next week?
c. Are you available today evening?
d. Which day suits you?
e. When do you feel comfortable to meet?
f. Is next Monday convenient to you?
g. Are you free to meet tomorrow?
h. Does coming Friday suits you?
i. I want to meet you just now.

3. Agreeing On A Date/Time 

a. Saturday will be fine (suitable) for me.
b. 5 o’clock tomorrow would be perfect.
c. Friday suits me……
d. I’ll be available on Thursday.
e. I’ll be free for you on Monday.
f. Yes, 3 pm is better than morning.

4. Suggesting Different Date/Time

a. Can we meet on Saturday?
b. What about Monday 4 o’clock?
c. (Tomorrow will be difficult for me) what about Friday?
d. Could we make it at 5 evening?
e. Should we meet next week?
f. Could we meet on Saturday instead of Friday?
g. Is Thursday all right with you?

5. Changing Date/Time

a. Can we fix another time?
b. Sorry, I won’t be able to make it on Monday.
c. Can we make it at some other time?
d. I’m afraid we’ve to change the time.

Sample Dialogue 1
A: Are you available today evening? I’ve to discuss something with you.
B: Sure, I’ll be free for you at 5 o’clock today.

Sample Dialogue 2
A: What time would suit you tomorrow for practice?
B: Tomorrow…it will be difficult for me. What about next Friday?

Sample Dialogue 3
A: (trnnn, trnnnn) Hello
B: Hello, am I talking to Mr. Javaid?
A: Yes, Javaid speaking.
B: Oh, Mr. Javaid I’m Asad.
A: Okay, Mr. Asad, how are you?
B: I’m fine thanks…..I’m afraid we’ve to change the time of our meeting today.
A: Oh, okay, I hope everything is fine at your end?
B: Yes, ah...actually I’m expecting my mother in law today. Can we make it at some other time?
A: hhhmmm…… Friday alright with you?
B: Yes…. Fine……Friday suits me…..thank you.
A: You’re welcome…….see you then.
B: Bye.


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