Making Offers

How To Talk About Offers?

Using offering phrases in your conversation make you sound helpful, polite and sophisticated. Use them often and it will become your second nature. Your conversation will become more natural and confident.

Following phrases may help you:

1. Making Offers

a. May (can) I help you?
b. If you like, I’ll do it for you…..
c. Would you like…(more tea)?
d. Shall I make it….(for you)?

2. Accepting Offers

a. Yes. Please…I like to have…..
b. That would be very kind of you…..
c. Yes, please that would be lovely…..
d. Sure, please, I’d love one……
e. If you could…..
f. If you wouldn’t mind……
g. Thank you, that would be great……

3. Rejecting Offers

a. No, thank you…..
b. Its okay, I can do it………
c. Don’t worry; I’ll do it……

Sample Dialogue 1
A: Can I help you in carrying this box?
B: That would be very kind of you, its very heavy.

Sample Dialogue 2
A: Would you like to have more ice cream?
B: Sure please…I’d love to.

Sample Dialogue 3
A: Shall I make it for you?
B: its okay, I will do it myself.

Sample Dialogue 4
A: May I open it for you?
B: No thanks, I’ll give it one more try.


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