Effective Text Book Reading Techniques

Every student comes across text books which he has to read in order to carry out his studies. If you are a student then you must know the book reading techniques in order to get good grades in exams. Normally students think that by merely reading they are studying, whereas its not like that.

Remember proper reading is the only thing that forms the basis of your studies. In order to become a real GENIUS it is imperative for you to master the textbook reading techniques.


If you have enough time then read the whole chapter or topic to get a general idea. If not then start reading it by sentences and phrases. Carry out the following activities while reading:

1. Use Own Words. At the end of a sentence or a paragraph, rephrase the idea in your own words. This can be done in your native language to. By this you will have a firm grip over the read material.

2. Form Mental Pictures. After reading a paragraph, stop and build a mental picture of the idea. By this way you will be able to remember the material much longer.

3. Relate What You Read. Whatever you read, try to relate it generally with your surroundings. Think out that how this new information fits in your life. Think out whether it reinforces or contradicts your own knowledge or is it adding any new information?

4. Clarify Unfamiliar Words. Try to understand the words and phrases used by the author. If you come across some difficult words, don’t just pass by do check the meanings from a dictionary or ask from somebody around you. You should posses good working vocabulary in order to carryout your reading without breaks. In addition to this you should also pay proper attention towards the use of grammar in the text, it will help you to improve your written and spoken English skills.

5. Use Headings/Subheadings. If the topic is not clear to you, go through the headings and subheadings of the chapter. By this you will generally know what the topic is about. Then go through it again, sentence by sentence, phrase by phrase.

6. Use Related Diagrams/Illustrations. While reading you must make use of related diagrams/illustrations if any. Read the explanation and data given with them. Try to find out their relation with the text.

7. Hold Your Doubts. If something is not clear to you, mark it and continue reading ahead. It is quite possible that the next sentence or paragraph may clarify your doubt. If the thing remained unclear then consult your teacher. Remember GENIUS never let any doubt remain unclear or unsolved.

8. Recall. This stage normally comes when you have read the whole topic. Try to recall all the main ideas in the chapter. The GENIUS way of doing it is to recite them aloud as you are teaching it to others. You can also write it down in notes form.

9. Review. After recalling go back to your book and check up that whether your recall was correct. This will be like comparing your comprehension with actual matter. Make notes of all the points which you failed to recall. After remembering them recall again….oh ho

10. Test Yourself. Make up a test for yourself or ask your study partner to do it for you. Frame some questions relating the topic. Then close the book and taking advantage of the recall process answer the questions.

GENIUS you have taken up a full reading activity. There are 200% chances that you now have thorough grip on the topic. Remember it is a very powerful method and you must use it in your vacations. This method will also reduce your burden for exam preparation. I hope the reading techniques given above will surely benefit you in your studies. WELL DONE


Khudadad Alam is a student, writer and a blogger, a computer geek since his childhood. Presently working as managing editor and SEO consultant PakGenius. Love to strike the ball off the boundary frequently, likes hunting and swimming. You can connect with him at Facebook