How To Take Notes From Lectures & Books?

You often have to take notes during the class lectures, in which you need to jot down the important points told by the lecturer. When studying the book you also need to write down important points so it is very important to learn the right techniques of taking notes.

In the preceding lines we will talk of some of the methods and ways of taking notes from lectures and books, so remain attentive:

Taking Notes From Lectures

Taking notes from lectures is the most common method used in senior classes. It is a bit difficult way than taking notes from books and generally requires more effort and skill. Unlike taking notes from books you have to remain attentive and alert all the time.

This is because a lecturer goes on non-stop. You can’t go back on a point time and again. It gets even more difficult with a lecturer who often goes of the track. It makes harder for you to gather the points in a proper sequence. However if you remain attentive and are a good listener you can counter this problem.

Do not try to take down everything a lecturer utters from his mouth. It is impossible at first place as writing is always slower than speaking. Secondly it is unnecessary because the lecturer will not say everything about the topic.

GENIUS student spends more time on listening and only take down the important points. Remember a lecture should always be treated as a lecture and not a dictation less some important information which the lectures dictates himself.

While taking notes from lectures leave a few lines blank after every point on your notebook. You may require to fill in additional details in your points. Take and keep notes in a large notebook .

A large size notebook allows you to write freely and form an outline easily. However if you like a small notebook the only advantage is ‘easy to carry’.

Making Notes From Books

Making notes from books is normally carried out when you are carrying out pre study, during the vacations or when you have missed any lecture. It is very important and useful method to understand a topic direct from the book.

If you master this technique and then also attend lecture on the same topic then you will be at the top.

When making notes from the books, you summarize the paragraph or chapter. Your notes should be in your own words and not in the words of the author. Of course there will be certain information which has to be recorded as such. Particularly in science subjects where you cannot change the factual information.

This process of converting the text material of the book in your own words will prove that you have comprehended the material. If you are unable to do so then go through the text again paying more attention to the important ideas and points.

For better comprehension and learning try to make notes from books topic wise and list concerned headings under each topic. Under each heading write down all the important points. Your notes should also contain conclusion etc of each chapter.

Whenever you open up to study your notes, you will be able to recall the things easier and in much less time. GENIUS students always use this technique in order to increase his learning efficiency. So you also give it a try. I am sure you will feel the difference in comprehending and understanding the text efficiently


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