Importance of Your Study Room

Is a good study room important for success? Everybody has his own point of view on this. There are few students who can study anywhere because their concentration power is so strong that noise and disturbance do not affect them at all.

However, most of the students find studying easier at places that are quite and comfortable. If possible, you should arrange for the following facilities at your study room:

Study Room

1. Reserve a room for study purpose only.

2. Your study room should be away from any distractions as noise and movements etc.

3. Study room should maintain an ideal temperature neither to cold nor to hot. If it is to hot or cold, it may distract your attention.

4. The study room should be well ventilated. If there is no proper ventilation then it will become stuffy and you may feel drowsy and will possibly develop a headache.

5. Your study room should have adequate light—artificial or natural. Generally you can use a table lamp which will provide adequate light on your study table.

6. It is most preferable to use a study table and a chair. Normally the height of a study table should be 2 ½ feet. The chair should be reasonably comfortable but not that mush that you feel lazy. Studying while slouching on the bed should be avoided.

7. If you cannot spare a separate room for studies, try reserving a corner somewhere in your house where you can keep all your study material. In any case, try to reserve one place to study. There are several psychological benefits of it.

8. If possible arrange for a bookshelf board near your study table. This bookshelf will help you to keep all your books together without cluttering your table. If allowed then paste your timetable on the wall in front of you.

Though importance of good study room can’t be ignored but it should not be made a must to study. There are numerous examples in front of us where people rose to the top while studying under the streetlights.

Main emphasis should be on your studies. There are lots of failures around you who have well furnished study rooms but they couldn’t do well so proper attitude matters more than decorated study places.


Khudadad Alam

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