Instead Meaning in Urdu

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Instead:   بجائے، بدلے میں، بلکہ، کی جگہ

Instead ka matlab hai badle mein, bjae, balke, ki jga.

Instead Meaning in English

1. In place of, or as an alternative to

2. On the contrary

Usage of Word Instead

  • 1. Instead of buying this green shirt you should go for maroon.
  • 2. She wants to dine out instead of cooking food at home.
  • 3. It is a better option to buy motor bike instead of a scooter.
  • Synonyms of Instead

    as an alternative, as a substitute, as a replacement, in lieu, alternatively; rather, by contrast, for preference, by choice, from choice; on second thoughts; all things being equal, ideally; alternately, rather than, as opposed to, in contrast with

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